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The funny side of lupus #10

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Is when, in your pimped wheelchair, one fine summer afternoon, you are enjoying the sun (covered up of course!, god forbid that you overdose on vitimin d!) at a local beauty spot, known as Pendennis Castle, a young lad of about 7 or 8 years of age, rolls up to you on his very shinny, new scooter and says.......

' don't your legs work?'

'not today' I replied, 'they are a bit sore'

'Well', he replied - 'how fast is you wheelchair?'

'I'm not sure, pretty fast if my hands work well'

'Great' was his immediate response - ' wanna race?, my scooters faster!'

How could I my carer and I and a young lad by the name of Adam spent the next 15 mins racing around Pendennis Castle carpark, much to the cheers and amusement of the other drivers in attendance.......... did he win?, yes, of course, but only cause my carer ran out if

His parents came up to me after and said they were so pleased we had engaged with him, he is autistic and does not usually talk to anyone, I thanked them because he made my day and most of all made me feel normal.........

Thank you Adam for making me laugh and I will beat you next time......

That my dearest lupie friends is the funny side of lupus. 😆

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That's lovely 😊 My first wheelchair arrived 2 weeks ago ! It's a power one and folds like a pushchair ,so I can have day trips ! Its lightweight and is small enough to fit in a standard boot ! I bought it myself ! Social service took 5 months to come out to assess me !the week after it arrived after I threatened to contact my assembly worker ! They turned up 7 days later (I gave them 2 weeks) they have told me off as apparently they would of supplied one, not as nice and easy to use ! Apparently I need a more robust one though so they are sending someone from Cardiff to sort out a second chair ! Just wish I could go on a beach with one 😊 It was hard the first time I used it my carerer took me to the next town so I could use it where not to many people would know me ! And we thought not take any notice, but my chair looks so different to the other types of chairs that the shop keepers were asking about it as its small and can go quite quick, and I could get between all the shelves in the little shops 😊 so it was quite good I suppose as I had to bite the bullet ! It was harder using a stick for the first time!

But I suppose it's all learning curve and I probably should of been using a chair this time last year. 😊

Love this post! You made me laugh 😊 and it proves that it doesn't matter how you look as long as your heart is open to others❤.

A big smile to start the day....thank you! You must now paint your wheelchair British Racing Green! Have a great day. X

What a fantastic idea.... i am a huge formula one fan as it is... if i decude to, i will post a pic, but it has to stay neutral until I have been to New York Comic Com as Professor Umbridge abd her pinkness really clashes with green... lol

Check out my umbridge in the albums as cant upload to here from facebook....


How lovely - especially because your wheelchair was the link and not the barrier for another person with a "diffability"

Aww bless such a lovely story. Really made me smile . Would have loved to have been there. U sound amazing . You must have felt so honored after knowing the little boy had problems & he connected with you. Have a great day lol x

What a lovely story. Touch me deeply as I too am a Lupie and I have an Autistic son.

Thank you so much for sharing.


You make me smile & even chuckle with your posts. For a Lupie you are very upbeat and positive which is not usually the case.

Most days there isn't much to smile about but you have achieved the sometimes impossible. Keep

Up the good work x x

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