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The funny side of lupus #3


When you realise that all the mouthwash and scrubbing of your teeth does not remove that awful metallic taste left in your month by certain medications and in fact all you have managed to achieve is to make you teeth sparkle........

Well at least now you can audition for the colgate

Now thats the funny side of lupus.

May the universe provide the words or actions to help you smile through the pain.


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Sorry Mandy but which toothpaste is that? Love noonoo x


Its a horrible taste, I've found drinks with Lemon or Ginger help

You can get a tea that contains both that's nice and gives some relief from the taste

What is that horrid metallic taste? I didn't notice it until I started taking that where it comes from? I was beginning to worry that something else was going wrong. X

Hi. U have my sympathy. It took me ages to relise that it was my prednisone that was causing it, but i also get it when i am due a bout of something like flu, extra pain etc. I use it as a pre curser symptom now and dont waste my time scubbing my teeth and mouth... lol. Xx

My answer to the metallic taste?... Werther's. The grandchildren love them as well.

Thank u, werthers my fav too but prefer the odd jelly baby... if helps when the stress levels are high and i take great pleasure in biting heads and feet off.......... lol saves breaking the crockery and cheaper too..... much love. X

Surely not noonoo...... u mean u have not come across the rediculous, lovely, perfect in every way colgate advert, where their teeth are soooooo white, perfect and sparkly.... lol

Us lupies can only dream...... me, i have lost 7...... anyone for a photo? Lol much love. X

There's a funny side to lupus? Must look closer. But hats off to you!!

You have to look very closely.....BUT..... if we didnt..... we would cry a lot more.... lol 😛

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