Blisters and Scabs

Blisters and Scabs

So for past days blisters have been forming on my toes, hands (see pictures). Also I have started to get scab lesions on my scalp that flake when picked they are a bit itchy but more sore. The blisters on my fingers and hands are very itchy more than anything and blisters on my feet where I'm finding it hard to stand on them. Really concerned as to what's going on? Anyone had this before or going through it? Any recommended treatment?

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  • I had the same thing over pressure points and on my scalp. My rheum MD recommended methotrexate as a good drug to treat them.

  • I've had them on my fingers and hands and now have them up my nose. I trust they will eventually go, though tiresome and painful while there. I seem to get them when there are bugs around - daughter had bad bout of flu and other family members - but I get these other symptoms, odd, but just have to cope with them by dosing myself with a balance of good food, rest, exercise, etc. I know a lot of my problems are not being able to live the natural life that nature intended. I can take no drugs because I just get other reactions which are just as bad and can be even worse.

  • I would ask a GP because there are some autoimmune diseases that can cause blisters, lesions, psoriasis and digital ulcers so you should get this looked at by a dermatologist if needs be. I used to have lots of blisters and itchy patches that were eczema and looked like your photo - now just get itchy spots on my face and scalp, neck and sores/ blisters inside my nose when I'm run down.

  • I had exactly the same issue a few weeks ago the burning on my toes was terrible but I don't know what it was.

  • Hi Daniellelupuschick,

    Have you been to see your GP or consultant yet about these symptoms?

    We have a booklet about skin involvement in lupus which you may find helpful. You can view it at

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