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Blisters popping up on my toes and feet!!!

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Has anyone had this? I was on holiday in Spain the start of June when this first happened. I didn't get my feet sunburnt. Came home and after about a week they healed up. Was just pottering around the house today looked down at my feet and had four large blister on my toes! Any help would be appreciated, I am seeing my rheumatologist in two weeks so I am going to mention this to him. I've taken some photos too in case I don't have blisters in two weeks time. A really strange one.

14 Replies
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Are they itchy? Do they burst quickly? How large are they? It could be Bullous Lupus if the blisters are resilient. they tend to go away on their own accord but leave a discolouration for a while but not a scar. Does that sound right?

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Yes deffo sounds right, haven't even heard of Bullous Lupus, will speak to my rheumatologist about this next week. Thanks.

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Hello susan

A number of us on here get these...recently two forum friends posted some good pics -tiras posted one of his foot, someone else of a hand

mine come on mainly due to warmer ambient temperatures or exposure to sun. I can get these anywhere on my body. PT is right, these are usually called bullous. My version of this simply hurts a lot, no actual itching. I've been advised to avoiding making them burst (when I have made them burst, the rash has seemed to worsen)

I apply prescription topical steroids...sometimes I can get away with the stronger version of betnovate, but often I have to resort to the mega strong dermovate...I must use ointment forms of both cause am allergic to something in cream carriers. Perhaps my daily oral prescrip lupus meds have damped down my long-time predisposition to this type of rash...especially myco & pred.

There can be other causes of these sort of things, eg plant toxins...when plant toxins are involved with my bullous lupus rashes things go ballistic: bigger blisters, more pain & mega itching. Because I have PID so am extra vulnerable to bacterial & fungal infections, fungus is often also be those cases, I combine applying a prescrition topical fungicide alongside the steroid ointment .

It's great you're taking photos

🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco

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susan17 in reply to Barnclown

Thanks for your lengthy reply, full of useful info.

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Hi Susan;

Yes I get blisters on my feet more so on my right foot. As Coco said go to my profile page and you can see the photos.

Because of these blisters I have had to go barefoot for the last 2 years. I go everywhere and I have to do everything barefoot. If I wear shoes it rubs raw places and makes things even worse.

My dermatologist has told me not to burst them. She has also told me not to wear shoes.

Mine do not hurt or itch as long as they are left alone. Again that means no shoes or sandals to rub and or burst them. I have creams and ointments to put on them when they come up. Also as Coco added I get them all over at times too, even in my private areas.

I hope you like going barefoot, because if you irritate the blisters it takes forever for them to heal.

I am fortunate to live in the southeastern part of the U.S. in the state of Alabama. The winters are very mild here and going barefoot year round is not much of an issue for me. Now I have gotten so use to going barefoot, that I now love it and, now I don't want to wear shoes. Going barefoot just seems natural now. I am a guy and I do get some odd looks being in public barefoot, but you get use to it. You gotta do what you have to with your issues.Coco came up with a nick name for me

👣The Barefoot Gardener👣

I have my mottos

👣I will not let lupus control my life👣


So yes I know what you are going through.

Wishing you the best.


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susan17 in reply to Tiras

Thank you for the information. I live in Scotland so if I have to go barefoot in the future I'm in trouble!! Will see what my rheumatologist says next week.

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I have kind of had the same thing but between my big toe and the next toe. Now on the side of my big toe too. I see my doctor this week also.

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susan17 in reply to Mimi1950

Let me now what your Dr says.

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Hi my sister in law has RA and on methotrexate and she has had a few nasty blisters on her feet the last one looked septic and had to get antibiotics - she was told it is all a side effect of methotrexate ?? Don't know if that helps - best wishes x

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susan17 in reply to JL1w

Thanks for your reply, but I'm not on Methotrexate, I'm on MMF. Sometimes I wonder what are all these meds I'm on doing to my body long term?? I bet everyone thinks the same.

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It's funny you should post this because I have recently had a strange blister thing on my big toe and I itch'd it and now it's piped and is unbearably itchy. I wondered if it was a chill blain because I get these but now think I don't and that it's always been these whatever they are and feel relieved that others get them too and they even have a name!

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It's familiar to me. When I got toenail infection I had a lot of blisters. I didn't know why but my GP said that it may happen. I took some antifungal pills and cream, I also found a lot of remedies on . Maybe it helps you too.

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My rheumatologist has told me to stop taking my Naproxen twice daily to see if this helps with the blisters, so far so good with the blisters but I'm really stiff and sore since I'm down to the one Naproxen a day now. We can't win can we!!

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Yes, I’ve had this happen. I took pics as well ( toes, heel, and fingers).

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