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Blood blisters on skin!

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I have been diagnosed with Lupus as many of you know and Sjogrens, fibromyalgia, costochondritis and Raynaud’s. Over the last few weeks I have started developing blood blisters on my arm if I bang them. I am constantly misjudging door frames, furniture etc and am awaiting blood results for sticky blood. But yesterday a plastic/hessian recycling bag just passed over my skin as I was moving it. It’s very light and did not hurt me. But blood blisters developed. If I can put the photo up this is just one arm there are less on the other. I scratched myself gently earlier and I now have a small one on the inside of my arm. I take 2 x 200 of Hydroxychloroquine and 2 x 5mg of Prednisolone plus 3 x 400mg of Gabapentin plus 3 x different blood pressure tablets. Does anyone have experience of this and do you think it’s the meds or do I need to brave the receptionist at the surgery? It’s a bit worrying.

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Hello Bowenlady. I am sorry to see you are experiencing such awful akin problems.I seem to remember in the drug pamphlet that Hydroxychlorquine can cause skin breaks and blood blisters. I was taking it in the Spring but had terrible allergic reaction and was taken off it. Now on Azathrioprine. Might be worth reading the meds pamphlet? Definitely ring your rheumatologist consultant asap I am sure they will find a solution for you.

In the meantime would wearing long sleeves help? I know some people with skin disorders wear their clothes inside out so the seems don't cause damage?

Keep on going and big hugs to you.🌻😘

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Bowenlady in reply to PositiveT

Thank you. I’ll read the pamphlet fully. I try to not read them because I think you are then looking for any side effects, OR, it frightens the holy you know what out of me! Last time I phoned the rheumatologist department on the advice line I left a voicemail as required asking for urgent help. I’m still waiting and that was about 8-9 weeks ago! That matter is not as acute now but seems ongoing. I’ll try again. Thank you. X

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PositiveT in reply to Bowenlady

Yes, I know what you mean re the pamphlets. Please do chase up your rheumatologist. Sometimes we have to remind them. Remember it is very easy to think "Oh I don't want to keep worrying them they'll think I'm an annoyance" but if we don't ring them who will? And why should you suffer and wait? The NHS are absolutely fantastic but they too are human and can forget to call people back. Good luck and let me know how you get on. Big hugs.🌻🤞 Don't give up on chasing them up you will get a response with perseverance. X😘

Hi. I get these blisters as well. I was led to believe that it was from being on steroids for years as its affects the skin and makes it thinner. All the best, Sarah

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Bowenlady in reply to sarahalice

Mmm I’m coming up to the end of the first year on steroids. I think I had just better TRY to get through to the rheumatologist nurse. It looks like I’m self harming! Thank you. X

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MercyT in reply to Bowenlady

I’m the same, it’s scary to see, it could be steroids but I’m guessing lupus because mine go away (or are not as bad) after my rituximab. They could be different though but just offering my experience. Easy to say but try not to worry. Terri X

Hello Bowenlady. I have the same looking skin stuff. I’m not sure mine are exactly Blisters. So a couple things come to mind.

Oh First I should say I’m on low dose 3 mg

Day prednisone for a bit over a year and

400 mg hydroxy. Sometimes I need to add

NSAD. My skin is older and thinner so

I bruise more easily. One of my pups, the one pictured in my avatar is Teddy. Sometimes he jumps and scratches my arms and my skin reaction is exactly what is on

Your arms. Also, petichiae and purpura are

Definitely something to google as they are

Common to lupus skin. Mine are becoming

More common now and just appearing. Not

Sure if this is a form of vasculitis as I think

It is a symptom of leaky capillaries. We need JMiller’s input here. It is something

To resolve with your Dr. though. Mine is

Telemedicine. Pics don’t work so I will see my GP. Let us know and Best to you. Titters

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Bowenlady in reply to Titters

Thank you. I’m older too, 65! I have had two episodes of HS Purpura when I had an infected gallbladder. It was horrendous. I’m trying to attach pics but I’m rubbish at doing so on this forum. Needless to say I have rashes in various places all the time but this looks so bad. Click on full photo to see full leg, and it was also on my arms and body. The first GP spend 15 minutes Googling it on computer, then went onto his IPad and then concluded it was HS Purpura which was something children have and it would go away on its own. It went after two weeks for a few days and came back as shown. Next GP tried to get me admitted to hospital because I also had pneumonia! Doh!

Leg completely covered in angry red rash called HS Purpura
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MercyT in reply to Bowenlady

Yeah I had this now, so awful, mine was anca vasculitis preceding crohn’s. First symptom of my journey…little did I know. So the smaller rash that doesn’t hurt and itch is the pinprick one that indicates bleeding under the skin (vasculitis again I assume anyway). This rash looks like neither, it’s probably harmless and delicate skin but send that pic to your rheumatologist secretary’s just incase and ring back that ‘helpline’. I’m the same, still waiting. Makes my blood boil but I had a laugh at ‘brave the receptionist at docs comment’. Ha Ha… X

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Bowenlady in reply to MercyT

Hi MercyT the rash above was serious, it was my blood vessels breaking down and the GP tried to get me admitted to hospital. There was a flu epidemic at the time (2018) and they had people on trolleys in corridors. So I got sent the next day to see dermatologist who sent me for immediate chest x Ray and put me on steroids and anti biotics He phoned me an hour later and asked where I was. I said in work. He said “for goodness sake woman, go home you are ill, your kidneys are bleeding and I’ve now been told you have pneumonia . Go home, your GP will phone you shortly”. I was self employed running my own holistic therapy centre. My staff said I just sat there looking at the phone then looked up and said “ I don’t believe it, I’ve got pneumonia and he’s told me to go home,” they helped put my coat on and sent me home - I lived a few streets away. You’d think that after 7 lots of antibiotics and a course of strong steroids that they would guess that if I still have breathing difficulties they would connect the dots but apparently that’s not the way it works. It “could be deconditioning” - translation - you’re fat now because you don’t move much. “Let’s see how it goes” - translation - see if you lose a bit of weight if it improves. Such is life eh. Lol!

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MercyT in reply to Bowenlady

Oh it’s very serious, my tummy turned black and blue and when GP rushed me to A&E, they asked had I been in a car crash….? No one knew what to do, but rheumatologist started pred 60 mgs. I never had any chest problems, mine were tummy. But holy moly I understand, I hope you’re ok, try not to worry about new rash, the pupura and petichae are the ones to watch out for. I’m covered in all sorts of rash’s and bumps etc, I chalk mine up to another lupus symptom But please do send through the photo to your rheumatologist’s secretary. Stay safe and we’ll. TX

So the picture of hspurpura is an older picture is that right? It has cleared up?The two rashes look totally different

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Bowenlady in reply to Titters

Yes that’s an old one just to show you what it was like before. That’s the only episode of Purpura I’ve had. Thank goodness. It was awful at the time. All,I have now is the blistering and blood under the skin as shown at the top. Phew!

Hello BL

I get similar stuff going on, I'm only on hydroxy so mines not steroid related.

Mine comes & goes, at its worst I also look like I've been self harming- even said this to my OH.

I thought that it was an age related thing? .. thinning skin maybe? my skin seems paper thin now.

I seem to get it more if I pop outside with just a tshirt on? so am thinking sun damage??? If i keep my arms covered I don't get it.. all very bizarre!

I've added a photo of my arm not the best to be honest as its been a lot worst than this, but I've only just thought to start taking photos of it.🙄

Thanks for posting will be interested in your replies., & you've prompted me to ask about this at my next dermy appt in November.

I don't think i will get any answers when I showed him my lacy mottled pattern rash on my arms & legs he just brushed it off, ignored me & turned to his student saying this can sometimes be associated with Lupus??really? as I have no diagnosis at present this meant a lot to me, he also ignored mention of the rash on my letter back from him regarding my appointment.. even though i gowned up specifically to show him!

Good luck & keep us posted


Right arm
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Bowenlady in reply to daisydayz

Thank you, that’s the same sort of blistering/blood thing I’m getting. It’s worrying isn’t it? This getting older thing is a pain in the posterior! Lol! Why do these medical people seem to think we don’t need or want to know? After the ladies here advised, I go with a list of questions now, but my rheumatologist is so softly spoken and meek looking and just seems to come out with “well” and “mmm” a lot. Why don’t they say they don’t know and offer to look at it or find out?? He’s no idiot. He was running a whole Covid ward for nearly a year at the height of it all! Easy life perhaps. I’ve had a CT scan and a blood test for sticky blood and months and months ago with no feedback. You think to yourself that perhaps there’s no news to give. EXCEPT that they missed positive ANA results and delayed my diagnosis by a long long time! Does not inspire confidence.

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Titters in reply to daisydayz

My left arm looks exactly like that with a couple more splatters. Self harm🤣 I needed a good laugh!

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daisydayz in reply to Titters

Hello Tittersyes I can also look quite mutilated some days😬

I also can have little tiny purple pin dots over my body face etc do you get these??


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Bowenlady in reply to daisydayz

I have the pin spots too! Across my chest and body. By the way. I wasn’t being nasty or flippant when I mentioned self harming but it just looks like that! I can see people looking at my arms when I’m talking to them and feel I have to explain. Between the pin spots, blisters, rash that looks like discoid lupus on my legs, bruises that don’t go and are permanent and the thread veins that are growing by the day and the one swollen foot and ankle, I look LUSH as we say in this part of Wales! I don’t go out that often. Ha ha.

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daisydayz in reply to Bowenlady

Bless you i didnt take offence, I said the same too my OH.

Interestingly though BL , I also have a swollen right ankle & foot plus horrble varicose veins to right leg & awful growing spiders veins to both.I bruise terribly too.


Yes they do the 'well & mmm' quite a lot 🙄( I think it could be part of their training along with the eye rolling!!😁) but in their defence we can be quite complex!!

Can you chase your results ? I find if they don't respond back they are usually normal - but its best to double check - & as you say they missed your positive ANA



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