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Lupus and blisters on scalp, palms and fingers

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After 3 years diagnosed with lupus SLE, I started having blisters on my scalp, fingers and palms. They are ithchy and irritation. I don't know why, is something I eat, drink, stress or imflamation and how to treat it?

Is anyone having the same symptoms, I like to know, please?

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Epstein Barr virus has been found to cause SLE. EBV resists the body's attempt to kill it through apoptosis (cell suicide) so I think the thickening is due to immune complexes attracting scar tissue to the site due to inflammation. I have SLE and had scalp crusts and later, callouses at hand and foot pressure points. Dermatologists treated the scalp lesions with 2% ketoconazole but this only worked in the short term and they recurred. I had good short term results using an essential oil blend that was supposed to inhibit viruses but the effect eventually wore off. The rheum MD didn't mention any treatment for the other callouses but I imagine you could soften them by soaking in hot water and then using a pumice stone to remove them to a manageable level. Be careful not to remove too much.

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Thanks for your replied. I went on webmd seach more about EBV, I don't have sore throat as EBV system should have, don't feel fatique that much either. In lupus foudation says, it maybe a calcium deposit (calcinosis or kidney failure), but I don't feel any pain. It's telling to use antihistamines to take or antihistamine gel to put on affect areas and have good sleeps may help.

Still searching....

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If they have a chalky white liquid in them they are probably calcinosis. EBV ones are solid.

I don't have white liquid either, but clear. Actually, after I was back from CA, the fluid appeared where I carried and holding my luggage, it went away after a month, then now they are small blisters on fingers and scalp. Very strange.

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Lupus patients have a lot of inflammation. Can you check your blood tests for CRP and sed rate? If they are high I would think inflammation is causing it and maybe you can ask the doctor about ways to combat it.

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Yes, I'm thinking it's one kind of many imflamations. It used to make me fatigue and It could take 2 weeks to get over with. This is a new system.

Had a blood test 2 weeks ago, doctor says it remains the same. A year ago, when I was really fatigue, sleep all day, it was too much sugar on my liver, when I reduced sugar instates, sugar went down to normal. I may need another blood test to see what wrong.

Have you discussed this symptom with your GP or consultant? They may be able to diagnose this particular symptom and advise you on the best diet/lifestyle/treatment action to take.

We have a booklet about skin involvement in lupus which may be of interest to you. You can view it online at

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I'm seeing my doctor today. Thanks for the website you provided, it always good to get more informations.

Thank you.

RHi kimc

Please let me know what they say I also had the same blisters on my hands and feet it went away after about 3 weeks they admitted me to Hospital took a biopsy and said its lupus related and give kortisoon also change my Cellcept to Endoxan, this was in the begining of Oct , I seem to be better but for the last 2 nights i have been have been haveing a burning sensation to my feet.No blisters or swelling nor redness a bit warm and then this sensation.My Protein levels and Albumien still very low.

Hope everything will be okay.

Voel, I saw my new Rhreumy 2 weeks ago with my blood work, he's from India with heavy accent. Yesterday, he said my blood test showed I'm okay, no lupus. I surprised it's impossible because lupus never goes away, then he said it's kinda go in remission. But now, I'm flaring up with blisters, itchy & couldn't sleep at night.

He referred to Prednisone, I didn't like it, cuz it made me gain weight, thin on bones and never get rid of rashes.

He then gives me Dapsone and see him after a month with another blood test. Dapsone adsorpts slow like plaquinel.

I could temporary take antihistamine to release the itch, lower sugar & fried foods should also help. I will google Dapsone & your medications...just to see what they're.

Thanks for your replied.

Thank you. I thought I might have been imagining this symptom. I could never articulate what I was experiencing properly.

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Yes, from time to time Lupus can developing new symptoms, and some symptoms can go away depends on environment, weather, foods we eat and stress. Good luck!

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