Pins and needles and small blisters with Lupus Raynauds and Scleroderma does anyone else suffer with this

I suffer with pins and needles a lot in my hands and feet I was told by my consultant that it was all part of the conditions but I dont know how to ease it as it gets painful.The blisters I get are red they sometimes go itchy and dry up or they start getting sore but I'm now getting them in my head.

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  • Hi Jennie73, I too suffer like you with this, the sores you are suggesting sound like chilblains which I suffer with from as soon as the weather goes very cold until late spring. I start wearing gloves from about October and try and keep my hands warm whenever possible and try and avoid extreme temperature changes. I have been prescribed Adelat, this helps by opening the blood vessels and allowing the blood to flow quicker to my fingers and toes. I hope this helps,

    Loopylady x

  • I get that all the time I have to say light exercise helps. I get really itchy with it. I didn't even know i had Raynauds until my doctor read out my notes from 3 years back! Weird*.

    Well hope things ease up a bit for you and best thing is to always keep your visits to the doctor frequent. :) I think my doctor knows me lil too well lol.



  • My doctors sick of seeing me I think too lol I get very itchy like you its not pleasant is it.I had iloprost treatment last year to open up the veins I've had the treatment for quite a few years now but my body keeps rejecting it the hospital said it could be because my body is too used to it now. xx

  • I've been given Gabapentin for the pins and needles its an anticonvulsant but is also used for nerve pain especially in shingles and neuropathy, I find it helps but doesn't stop the feelings totally but makes it bearable it takes a while to get up to a dose that suits though so you have to be patient see what your Dr says xx

  • Thankyou for telling me that I'll talk to my doctor if theres anything he could give me got to be careful though as im also epileptic xx

  • I also have raynards along with lupus.... I did get some small blisters that seemed to appear under my actual skin that were sore and itchy but they started to dry up. I asked my gp and she said it was part of my raynards!! Am really suffering with my toes at the mo mainly with chill blaines tho!!! xx

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