Scabs on head

I have just read another post on here about scabs on the scalp and I'm wondering are these scabs a symptom of lupus?

My daughter has another auotimmune condition and has not yet been diagnosed as having lupus, but it looks like she has it.

For a few years now (especially in the hot weather) she gets scabs on her scalp that are itchy and they have a yellowy edge and scab in the middle. It takes a really long time for them to go and even longer for the hair to grow back in that area.

The doctors have had no idea what they are, but I'm wondering if it could be something to do with lupus?

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  • Sounds like Psoriasis. I get it a bit every now and again. I have the most wonderful dr in the world. I freaked completely out 1st time. He is a firm believer that most, if not all the autoimmune family pay us very important peeps a visit

  • I have this on my scalp enbarrising when i go to the hairdresser,rhuemy said it is psoriasis and is part of the illness and also my reciding hair line sorry about the spelling.

  • Hello. I have had sores / rashes on my scalp for over 6 years now, with hindsight it was one of my first symptoms. Still have an ugly rash at the nap of my neck - red, dry itchy rash that has moved around the back of my head. Then other different sores around the rest of my head. I get hair loss in small patches and hair thining too. I have been told that my hair follicles have been damaged in places and that the hair won't grow back completely. I am careful what shampoos I use etc. Waiting for biopsies to confirm exactly what it is. I did used to dye my hair and I wonder if I had a sore head and then unknowingly dyed it and aggravated it. I haven't dyed it for about 3 years now as I just know I can't get away with it. I am 41 and my blonde hair is now mostly grey and wirey. I currently have 1 of those yellow scabby sores you mention. Sized of a 5/10p piece. Had it for 3 months. Think it will scar. Got to love lupus. Ha ha. I wish you and your daughter well.

  • I too had this as a teenager, wonder if this was one of my early diagnosed symptoms.

  • I too have sores on the back of my head. All my other symptoms are better now I'm on meds, but not the sores. Rheumy not interested but GP just prescribed me some new (to her) shampoo 'Dermax', which is helping better than other things I've been prescribed. I just keep thinking, at least it is on the back of my head and not on my face !!!

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