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I thought this may be of interest to some of you.....

I applied for PIP on 13th March 2015 after 2+ yrs of on going health issues. I have not been officially diagnosed but an autoimmune / autoinflammatory condition is suspected. My condition and ailments change constantly, so filling out the form was difficult. After googling for advice I decided to fill the form out answering as if it was an average day, however I also wrote how I was affected on my worse days (I was advised I may be entitled, but didn't want to be accused of fraud if I was awarded and then spotted out the house on an particularly good day).

My assessment was scheduled for 15th April, however I had to cancel as I was in hospital for the whole of the week. The assessment was rearranged for 27th april. I had to take all medication, relevant letters (including my discharge letter to show why I was unable to attend the first assessment date).

The lady who did the assessment was very nice. She had a friend who had lupus so was aware of how the conditions can fluctuate. It lasted approx 90mins and included a memory test and some basic stretching exersises. Again Made sure I told her about average days, good days, and bad days.

I am pleased to say that today I received a letter saying that I had been awarded both daily living and mobility at standard level, meaning I can now apply for a much needed blue badge.

There are lots of posts on here and on similar sites, with stories about people being declined PIP, or having to wait months and months for a decision, I thought it may give people some hope and encouragement if I posted a positive experience of the PIP process.

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Thanks Heather, all information is really welcome here.

Glad you received a decision.

Hugs OOO


Brilliant! Well done ,glad it all went wellx


So pleased to hear you've been successful for receiving pip. I also went through an assessment & thought I was understood how my conditions effected me, but I wasn't awarded pip. I have asked for it to be reconsidered & sent further info from my rheumatology doctor. I have sle & Sjogrens, ana & ro positive. What a difference it makes when your assessed by someone who understands. So pleased for you, good to hear some good news on this subject.


Thanks, just thought it might give people some hope to read a positive story.


Well done yes it's worth going in for I held it off for a year but then put in for it and got it


Congratulations, I'm so glad it went well 👍👍👍😊


Thanks for all the positive responses......... I feel Ive been knocked off my perch a little, after yesterdays visit to rhuemey. All blood tests came back negative, so now back to square one :(

I've had 2 1/2 years of illness, operations, and uncertainty as to what causing long list of symptoms. all docs, consultants, and even rheumatologist where convinced I had some sort of autoimmune condition, but now blood tests are negative, I feel like I've just been cast aside and feel like a fraud yet again.

Anyway, on the plus side, atleast i can now apply for a blue badge, so getting to and from never ending doctors appointments wont be such an ordeal lol


HI Sorry to hear you have no diagnosis but congratulations on your award. I understand entirely how a Blue Badge can help and you have given me hope for when I apply for PIP and hopefully a Blue Badge.


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