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Hello all ... After a 6 month wait I was awarded my pip for my lupus and fibromaligia. I qualified for the enhanced rate of care at home and higher rate mobility. They even backdated my payments! So all of you fellow sufferers who are waiting for a decision do not loose hope. You can read some very negative responces from the internet but the system does work. One thing I will share is when your filling your forms set your brain to the worst day you have. The days when you can not get out of bed and are too tired to eat or take a shower. Tell them every tiny detail it might be silly things but this will help with the grading of points. Tell them all the adaptations that you need to get through a day. I am happy to talk or text anyone who needs guidance but overall a very good start for 2019 ! 😎

23 Replies
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Hi thats great news so hopefully there is justice in the system somewhere & hope for us all can i ask you question if you don’t mind was it a new claim or reconsideration or change in circumstances thank you for sharing with us luv & hugs xxx

LupieLady45 in reply to Naz2005

Hello Naz2005 ...I was already ready getting the enhanced rate of care but no mobilty. I had to reapply as it was ending. In hindsight I should of applied for a change of circumstance 2 years ago as my health was worsening . But I got there in the end! ...πŸ€—

Naz2005 in reply to LupieLady45

Thank you for your reply no amount of money can compensate for our health but its something to help its our right tkc sending you luv & hugs xxx

Good for you! I’m being helped towards a Tribunal, and I just hope it goes the same way as yours. Very well done!

Hello Lupiknits

Stay strong and focused. I even told them about this forum being my lifeline. I was true and honest. I will pray that you get the outcome you need and deserve...stay blessed πŸ€—

Aww so happy for you. Did you have a face to face ? Such an ordeal to go through when feeling so poorly all the time. So many negative responses with it all as well doesn’t help. It must be such a weight off ur shoulders. Have a good day x

LupieLady45 in reply to tremarel

Hello tremaral

I had my face to face interview on 31 October 2018. So I guess all the devils where getting ready to party! However they start the review from the moment they see you getting out of your car and walk into the room. I did have a lovely lady who after seeing me struggle actually gave me he arm for support. It was stressful but the not knowing is the worst. I wish you well lots off love x

Hello, can you message me please as just got my diagnosis and I can’t work as can hardly walk and I struggle to get out of bed in a morning my joints and everything where gonna fill it in tonight but can you just message me and give me some advise on what I need to do or anything please xxx

Hello Leeshalou 123

I am happy to guide and give you all the help you need. May be better to talk,? Let me know I can schedule a call x

Yes that would be fine, would you be able to text me instead of call as I’m really poorly and struggling to talk my mouth is covered in ulcers again, don’t know how you want to message? Facebook or text or something? What do you suggest xx

YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€β€οΈ Coco

Thank you Barnclown .... such a weight being lifted. Now I can cheekily spoil myself xx stay blessed

Am DELIGHTED!!!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€β€οΈ


That’s really good news! Thanks for sharing with us xx

Fantastic news! You must be so elated!

I have my court date for a reconsideration at the end of January I’ve been waiting 57 weeks for this... I have 6 different autoimmune Diseases, lupus then the others came to light very quickly after diagnosis, I’ve worked all my life until I had a realization that I couldn’t do my job anymore due to my health and finish my career and find my new normal!! I have never asked for anything before like this.. scares me a lot!

It’s my 1st time writing in this group, I’m not normally sure a sharer but I follow the group closely and can related to a lot the the story’s... your post has given me hope.

Thank you xxx

LupieLady45 in reply to Joy_1978

Hello Joy_1978

Like you I always worked and was diagnosed with Lupus and fibromaligia in 2003. I am a qualified pharmacy dispencer so instead of giving out the pills I now take them. I can't see anyone on here wanting the illnesses we suffer. Like most I am sure we would rather work. Lupus has taken my life. I depend on my children and I am in pain constantly... won't even start on the tiredness πŸ™„ ...lack of vitamins ...anemia, thyroid the list goes on! I actually asked the women at my interview if she wanted to change positions with me. She couldn't say no quick enough! I can't see anyone making the symptoms up or arguing with the diagnosis from the consultants. We have good days and bad. One point to remember when you have your assessment ask to see what is being written. This will help to clarify what your exactly trying to say don't be threatened as it is your right. I did my research before my interview and it paid off. Stay focused and stand your ground have got this girl πŸ€—

jannah in reply to LupieLady45

Hi there just a question as your qualify pharmacist you know when you take metformin and i heard that it ashley increases your appetite so what can you do to control the because i'm putting so much weight on and what are the advantage of this medication curry not do something else.

My whole body is in pain from neck from joints now today I have a horrible headache can't seem to concentrate or I'm so feeling confused.

Has anyone ever experienced having pain in the eyes like an odd inside the eye. What cause it

Heartfelt congratulations to u LupieLady!! Now u can relax and recouperate..before u go shopping!! Well done xx

Concrats hun x going though process myself had a lady come to my house to fill out from for me waiting to here bk

Thank you Marie2000 ... just stay focused and positive the system can work when all parties involved communicate clearly. Every small detail you tell them helps. Let me know if I can help in anyway ...

sending you lots of hugs xx

Congrats so happy for you 😊

Hello at what point can you apply for pips ? I was diagnosed 7 months ago my difficulty is fatigue, sore joints, flu symptoms but I still go to work in an office but I need assistance at home with washing, ironing housework.

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