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Does anyone experience, nasal sores, giddyness,ear, sinus, teeth, and jaw pain?

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I have pain in my right ear, jaw, sinus area, and have a continual sore inside my nose. Occasionally i can get a very giddy sensation also.

Previously I have been told it was an ear infection, then i was sent to a specialist who suggested it was inflamation of the jaw, which may be arthritic.

It keeps returning, and i wondered if anyone else has had this, and if so, what explanation was given to you.

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I have had pain in my jaw, sometimes I have trouble opening my mouth,(hubby was pleased) the longest it has last is two days. I have not had it for ages, I was told it is arthrits.

The pain was in the joint of the jawHope it helps Take care

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frog in reply to bettie

Ha ha, i had to laugh, and agree maybe it has a bright side for our hubbies.... although it hurts more to laugh..

take care, thank you for your reply

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I also used to get a pain in my R. jaw joint so that is was difficult to open my mouth and painful the chew but now it has improved somewhat. I was told by the dentist to eat soft food.

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Gonna have to either ask my GP(dread)or wait for my reumy appointment because I think the Hydroxy are causing the problem I have.I feel like something cold at the back of my nose and throat and daylight hurts my eye's.Do you think it is related to the meds.

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frog in reply to Binkey

hello, i am on hydroxychloriquine, and steroids,but i have had these syptoms before, and was not taking medication, so for me i dont think it is the meds...

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I suffer from chronic mouth ulcers and toothache. The Dentist seems to think it's the medication I take affecting my gums and enamel. Nothing can be done for this either really which is a bummer. Speak to your GP and have a dental check to be sure. x

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I have had a sore up my nose for about 3 weeks and keep forgetting until i rub my nose which brings tears to my eyes. I am also getting ulcers on my tongue. I have been putting it all down to being anaemic.

Sue x

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I get ulcers in my mouth all the time, I have been attending maxofacial for my jaw problems, been getting treatment via tense machine which helps but advised to eat soft food and cut it up small which will help long term. I also take a nasal spray for sinus problems. Hope this helps

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Hi Bettie, I suffer occasionally from Trigeminal Neuralgia which causes jaw pain and Problems with chewing, this is due to nerve damage, read up on it and see if this rings any bells, I take Tegratol which works very well. X

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I get sore jaw and echoing feeling in my ears.

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