Strange heel/foot pain .. any clues??

For quite a while now I've had intermittent pain in the underneath of my foot - it's the most excruciating sharp pain that goes up through my heel as if I've trodden on a nail. The weird part is that after a while I started to notice that whenever I got the pain it meant I needed to pee - even if I didn't feel like I needed to. As soon as I start peeing the pain goes through the roof for a few seconds before than being relieved.

Nobody has been able to give me any clue as to what it is but this last week it's been almost constant and is reaching a peak about every 30 minutes or so and I'm constantly in the bathroom! It's also now going down the back of my thigh so I'm guessing it's some kind of sciatic problem joining in.

Has anyone else had anything similar or got any ideas what is going on or how to get it to go away? It really is disruptive at the moment and ridiculously uncomfortable. The pain in my heel I would have thought was a tendon or nerve thing along the lines of plantar fasciitis but it's really isolated down to an area about a centimetre across but feels like it goes straight up into my foot and I really can't work out what it's got to do with my bladder - I'm totally bemused

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  • check for B12 deficiency and also if you have been told you have thyroid issues, or if you suspect, you may need more than the unreliable TSH test. This often goes with thyroid issues. MaryF

  • Ooo that's interesting I didn't know about that one with thyroid. I have hashimotos and an underactive thyroid. Ive just upped my thyroxine slightly last month as I was feeling soooo tired but didn't get my bloods done - maybe I should. Do you know what sets it off with thyroid and whether it's if I'm hyper or if it's hypo? Thanks for the help

  • There are reflexology points on the heel that are for the bladder and the urethra. Google them and have a look at foot diagrams. I am fairly sceptical about it - except I lent my feet to someone who was doing a course in reflexology and she would poke at areas of my feet and they really reacted - and she told me what they were meant to be. It was uncanny...

  • Looking at it it's the area linked to sciatic nerve so I still don't get the bladder thing ... unless my bladder is pressing on the nerve maybe?

    And I must admit I did laugh at the image of lending your feet - did the rest of you go too? Lol

  • Oh yes - it was a lovely relaxing experience that didn't cost me much to try out an alternative therapy! She was actually learning it to use for her horses (we won't go there...)

    I did wonder if it might be the sciatic area for you. I don't pretend to have any understanding of the claims about the theories behind it - but as I say, it was uncanny!!!

    Have you ever heard of/tried Bowen therapy? Now there I can get my head round it and know a lot of people who use it and benefit greatly - as do I. They would look at your lower back and the sciatic nerve - and I have had foot pain from sciatic problems.

  • I've never tried it but just found there is a therapist working just round the corner from me so might look into it. Reading a few bits and pieces I think it might well be sciatica playing up - it seems those nerves run over or close to the bladder nerves so I think that might be where it's radiating from. Think I'll try my tens machine for a few days and if that doesn't help get on to my GP

  • Ok on this diagram it's the circle number 36 which would be an ovarian problem looking at it but other diagrams show the same spot as sciatic

    Edit ... I can't work out how to post pics so can't show the diagram unfortunately

  • I know what you mean - the ones I looked at did vary.

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