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Hip replacement

Hi, can anyone share their experience of a hip replacement.

I am on steroids and plaquinel, along with a host of other meds, but my main concern is my weight and any side effects anybody has gone through.

I have Lupus, Raynaurds, Sjgrens, and severe Osteoarthritis along with a few other ailments thrown in.

I am rather concerned, and hoped you can share, good or bad information with me.

Many thanks Sandy.

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Hello Sandy, I can only give you my experience of hip replacements which I hope will help. My lupus and osteoarthritis was extremely active in the 1970's and caused a lot of damage which I'm paying for in multiple joint replacements. (There weren't many understanding GPs or lupus consultants around in those days). Today is different for most. Well, both hips were done about 8 and 7 years ago and the difference is fantastic, all the pain went. It was the best thing I had done. Getting down to your optimum weight would be best for all your weight bearing joints, which isn't easy, and you must be guided by the surgeon, but hopefully you won't regret it. Of all my ops, the hip replacements were the most beneficial.


Thank you for such a promising reply.

It would be lovely to feel pain free.

Best wishes, Sandy


Hi. I'm afraid I cannot offer any advice but your post caught my eye, as I have lupus and osteoarthritis. I have been told already that I will need hip replacements on both sides and been advised how to help delay this as long as possible. (I am 40). But so far my rheumy won't link the two, ie the lupus and osteoarthritis. She keeps on saying rheumatoid arthritis is caused by lupus and not osteoarthritis. Whereas last time I saw my orthopaedic surgeon he said the inflammation inside my body caused by the lupus was undoubtedly worsening the osteoarthritis. I am so confused. I am on 400 of hydroxychloroquine a day but with the pain I get in my hips and knees, I don't think my lupus is under control. Have you been told anything different? any advise would be gratefully received.


Hi, I am sorry but I can't really help you, other than to say there are many forms of arthritis, and most would be aggravated by Lupus. But I believe Osteoarthritis is caused by wear and tear.

In severe cases a hip replacement is preferable, although there is also a procedure to re line the joint, which is less evasive than a hip replacement, and can reduce the pain.

I believe this is the preferred method in younger patients.

I don't know if this has helped, the only other info I can share is to gently exercise regularly, and keep weight down, sadly weight is my biggest problem So it will be interesting to speak to the specialist when my appointment comes, as to what will be happening.

Take care, Best wishes, Sandy.


Hello Sandy I am very interested in your post

I have Lupus, Sjogrens and Hughes Syndrome. I need to have total hip replacement surgery for both


I am in my seventies.

I have been taking Warfarin now for 18 years to achieve an INR 3-4.

Before being diagnosed and anticoagulated brain and brain stem lesions were caused by antiphospholipids. This also caused pre- eclampsia with my two pregnancies.

It took years to get the correct diagnosis, and I was treated incorrectly for years for depression. As soon as anticoagulation was started it was clear that I had not had depression but my problems had been caused by sticky blood.

I am going to have to come off warfarin and I presume be put onto heparin in order for these operations to be carried out.

Can anyone else who has had hip surgery with these sort of problems let me know how difficult this was for them and how it was done, and if things went well.

I hope things go well for you


Hi frog

I have lupus ,Hughes, shortens and ray nauds and osteopenia,

I fell last October on decking and broke my hip and had to have a total hip replacement. The operation was performed under an epidural which I wasn't happy about but it was fine I was given a drug which although I was awake I was unconcerned about what was going on. I was in hospital for a week afterwards. I won't pretend I was not in pain I was. It has been a slow steady recovery but I am much better now although not completely recovered. I would say insist on physiotherapy and do the exercises although I didn't feel up to much in the early days. I was told by the doctor and physio that someone having a hip replacement after suffering a lot of pain with arthritis usually recover quicker than like me falling and breaking the hip.

I am 57 years old and and a fairly fit person and personally if I had to have the operation I would prefer to have it at this age than a lot older.

Good luck with your op and all I can say is try to be patient with your recovery .


Thank you.


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