Ouch! Anyone else get major hip pain after walking?

I suffer from lupus and have had major pleuritic pain for a few years now. Finally taking azathioprine and chest pain improved (along with improvement of general joint pain and all the other fun lupus stuff) so decided (probably stupidly) to go on a walk with my daughter at her school as I'm sick of the lupus stopping me doing things. But now I'm sat here in total agony. Have the joint pain in my knees but also really deep in my hips. Anyone else get this? It hurts a lot!

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  • Hi Jennywren. I get the hip pain a lot of the time but especially if I have been walking or standing a lot. I only need to walk for a few minutes for it to start and if I'm doing something when I am on my feet a lot then it quickly becomes a deep seated crippling pain. I have found taking a walking stick with me helps and if you are out with the family factor in lots of sitting down. Hope this helps you feel that it is not just you. Helen

  • Yup, mine tend 2 lock, & every now & again my hips & shoulders will 'pop out' of place so I have 2 pop them back. I know how painful it is. Many people find steroids help or NSAIDS but I personally have never found any meds that work 4 me so I tend 2 rely on pain meds & things like heat pads, swimming (when I can gear myself up enough which hasn't been 4 a while) & things like that. If u're standing or sitting, make sure u move u're legs every 5 to 10 minutes (especially if u experience joint locking) x

  • Hi all unfortunately this won't make you feel better but as a side effect of prednisolone I developed nuecrosis of the joints the deep pain in the hips was the start. Due to being so young this was not picked up as hip problems but a groin strain two years laters I've had two total hip replacements pain ish free now for ten years! Maybe best to get a scan.

    On a lighter note happy Christmas everyone xx

  • Thank you for this info, I'll follow up with my docs to see if this gives them another approach? here's hoping.

  • Thanks, that's really helpful and nice to know its not just me. I'm 28 and already on Imuran, steroids, plaquenil, morphine, celebrex, pregabalin and the rest so you wouldn't think the pain would be able to get through but always seems to find a way! Happy Christmas all, hope you have a nice relaxing time x

  • Hi, yes I get really awful hip pain if I've been walking or standing too long, then I have to sit or lie down. I have some crutches that I use occasionally in emergencies when the pain gets too bad and I still have things to do. Often I get muscles twitching/spams in my legs after a long walk too -or in my arms if I've used them too much.

    I hope you have a pain free Christmas x

  • I sympathise completely as I'm trying to be active but standing or walking for any length of time brings on the pain. I'm going to follow up on nuecrosis of the joints with my docs.

  • Same here, doc gave me a shot of steroids , only my hip pain is unbearable at night,,he said its bursitis . But my shin in under my ribs all on my left side?

    Say it's from the stroke, where a clot sat on my brain, but it hard to comprehend its not coming from where I point but from my head. Noe on a med that blocks the pain reseptors . It works , but like I had stated in an earlier post I won't know if there are other issues because I don't feel anything

    Ask you doc


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