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can anyone tell me who suffers from hip pain what symptoms they get. lately i have been feeling sore and stiff when i walk a lot, which i know is a commom sympton, but now i have notice my upper thighs feel bigger with some swelling and they ache and burn,again nothing unusual with lupus i know but i was wondering if this can happen with hip problems.

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  • This is a new symptom for me and I am waiting to talk to my Consultant about it.

    The pains can be worse through the night although I now can't walk very far which is really frustrating!

    If I learn more in a couple of weeks which is my hospital appointment I will let you know.

    More pain killers I guess?!


  • thankyou kenny and yes lets us know how you get on in your appointment, it seems to be a common problem and sometimes i do believe that we can get pain and we will never know what or where it stems from.


  • That is really interesting, I am in exactly the same position, I also have rheumy appt in August so was going to ask about this then.

  • I had hip pain last year, mostly in my left hip which became so inflamed that I couldn't walk without crutches. It was quite an acute flare that only lasted 3 weeks, but was very worrying at the time as I had no idea how long i would need crutches for. It started as a general throbbing pain in my hip area, which throbbed in any position -sitting/standing/laying down- and when I moved me leg in any direction I had the most excruciating pain that took my breath away. I took Naproxen around the clock and topped up with Zapain to make it bearable. This was clearly an arthritis flare. It effected my right hip a little too.

    I have since had different kinds of pain in my joints, muscles, tendons and nerves. More like aching burning and tingling. It could be that your hip is inflamed and this is making your muscles and other soft tissues around it inflamed too. Do phone the GP and get the pain relief you need and if it gets worse I would tell your lupus nurse.

  • hello dyrad

    hope you are feeling better,your hip pain sounded horrendous mine is nowhere near that painful it feels more my thghs so maybe i have just overdone it. i find things so frustrating at times because i will go to docs and struggle to describe my pain so he can pinpoint it but even then there is little he can do,so i now only go if things get really scary and i need reassurance.

    i suffer from anxiety stress which effects my stomach and bowels (IBS) which is bad at the moment so im trying to take things easy and relax so as not irritate it.

    so i would rather chat on here than go to docs i just can t take another docs appointment right now.

    ive decided when i woke up this morning that i would do my very best to enjoy my day and not think of what i cant do but what i can.

    hope your day id fine too.

    debs xx

  • Hi Pinky, I wonder what it is that makes us hold off before going to see the GP as I know I do that too. I think it must be something to do with not wanting to complain. I hope you do manage to enjoy your day. Take care

  • Is your hip pain at all like this: dull but throbbing hip pain that has some variation in pain intensity. It goes right across the top of my thigh, at first I thought maybe related to a tendon or something but that was just random first guess. I have never been diagnose with an autoimmune disease but my mom has mastocytosis and I have had problems with my thyroid fluctuating as well as 5 years unrelenting IBS primarily C. I recently have been getting migratory joint stiffness in my hands and extreme fatigue. RA tests neg. Is it with pursuing these symptoms at the doc? I've been to loads and never get any where :(

  • Hi, I too have had difficulty walking and it seems to come and go. It was bad last week when I saw the rheumy, hence he's testing muscles/nerves next. I have noticed that particularly after sitting down when I stand it's like I am very stiff and my walk is like a shuffle....little steps. Mid way on my thighs was where I felt the pain and tenderness. I used a tens machine on it and it seemed to ease it (like a massage) for a while. Like you I don;t know what this is, it almost felt the other days like my legs would buckle. I haven;t gone back to GP yet as I am aware it can be in one place for a week then seemingly another area of the body is affected. It does cause me to think is this all my imagination when this occurs (but it isn;t). Like you I don't know whether it stems from the hips or nerve problem or muscles. My GP has asked me the last two visits is it my hips but I said I didn't have pain there, so like you very unsure. If anyone finds anything out I too would be interested in why this occurs.

  • hi kenny iv had lupus for 13 yrs now and in the last 3 days my hips are terrible acking and feel swallon i do get a lot of symtons with lupus but this is the first time i have sufferd with my hips i been for a walk 2 try walk it off but it asnt usualy does wen my legs are stiff and acking hope u feel better soon ,,,

  • I am also suffering with hip pains and stiffness/fatigue. I haven't had problems like this for several years and find it odd that it has started again more or less a week ago. Mine seem to be more when I am laying down. I am also getting more general muscle aches and pains. When I stand up I cannot move freely and have been bent over. It takes a while to straighten up and move around, it is as if I have never walked before. I am also getting this extreme stiffness in the morning. I actually bought a walking stick from a charity shop ready in case it gets worse. (Bargain at £2-) I wonder why so many of us are suffering? Do you think it could be something to do with the weather/pressures etc that is triggering. I can feel ulcers coming up in my mouth too-my usual sign that things are kicking off.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • hi loopy-lou

    maybe your right about the weather being as its now the wetest summer ever,maybe that makes us feel more down and low hence more fatigue and aches.

    maybe if the sun shines soon we will all feel better.

  • Hyperbaric Chambers are now being used with success for SLE patients.

    Consult with your doctor/s. If available in your areas ... go for it. Works wonders.

    Barometric/atmospheric pressure does indeed have a proven corresponding effect on SLE / joints / synovial fluid.

  • I'm part of the hip pain club also! :-)) my hips feel burning with like a tight band of pain around them especially if I've overdone things a bit. I also feel like a duck when I walk and waddle/shuffle in small steps. I've a rhemy appt on monday so will ask about it then. Good luck to you all and remember no matter how much your joints hurt you still need excercise them! Its a case of 'use them or lose them' . I need 2 crutches when I walk bcos my wobbly legs but still make sure I go on a little walk whether I feel like crap or not. Take care x x

  • Argh netbooks!

    I use a walking stick when out for any length of time which does help. hope this makes you feel less alone in this.


  • Hi pinky,

    I have been told my hip pain is Bursitus, it also affects my thigh and sometimes my whole leg. It seems to be worse if i have sat or lie down too much. Hope it gets sorted soon whatever it is.

  • Me too to all the symptoms mentioned! In fact the hip pain was one of the major symptoms when first diagnosed and is returning now since I've stopped Hydroxy. I think it must be one of the most common joints affected tho of course any can be. I seem to be having tendon pain at the mo' too. It would be helpful if the docs could just say" yes this is a common symptom due to your lupus but the good news is it very rarely causes permitant damage" mine finally said this after persistent questioning so am passing it on fellow Lupies, hope it helps!

  • ....i was diagnosed 5 years ago!! joint stiffness horrendous, and fatigue is a nightmare. but as only in my 40s decided wasnt going to let it get the better of me!! i took up jogging and cycling and am now in training for my 1st triathlon!! i knocked all mediction off as decided this for me is going to be a mind over matter secenario.

    I struggle with pain in hips, kness and get a swollen left leg alot of the time but i stay determined!!! ive recently started taking progablin again (low dose) to keep me motivated..and take manuka honey which is great!!! good luck guys....dont let it get you down, jo x

  • Mine too are really bad, have been so painful for the last 3 years at least.

    Been diagnosed with bursitis too! Gosh it must be a common problem with lupus. I really didn't realise so many would be suffering from this painful condition. I thought maybe it was the long term steriods I've been on. I've had loads of tests & after being diagnosed with it have had that many steriod injection directly into the joints but doesn't really get rid of the pain. I just got a job to walk & hurts so bad if I lie on my hips.

    Thanks for puting the blog, question on Pinky. Great to know we're not alone.

    Hope everyone's pain subsides soon

    God Bless you all x

  • My legs and hips go completely stiff and we call it the ministry of silly walks! It is no joke really, but laughing definitely helps. As for lying on my hips for a long time! My knees also get inflamed and can't bear to be touched! Is all rotten really! But I laugh with my Mum about it and accuse her of giving me the broken genes!

  • I had this last year and was diagnosed with bursitis very painful had a trip to my oesteopath who helped and the pain eased all was offered from GP was yet more pain killers

  • Hi my name is Joanne.

    Ive been having pain in both my hips for quiet some time, also around the groin area, i cannot lie on either hip for long as the pain is to bad apparently it has something to do with my pelvis, the pelvis may be out of line, so have that checked out who knows it may be the same thing ask your doctor to do an x-ray they can then tell if there is a problem with that not the actuall hip.Ihad a scan after the x-ray and im now awaiting the results, i honestly thought my hips where going aswell as all the other problems ive got. i suffer from chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, nerves are trapped giving me anckle pain and leg pain im so tired all the time, im depressed and down most of the time, feeling sorry for my self i know it does no good so most of the time i give myself a good talking to. My life has totally changed with so much going on i try to lead a normalish life but its difficut im normally a really happy person but constant pain really takes its toll. Due to all this its so frustrating im 40 years of age and i feel like im 60. I find reading the other stories of people with diffrent problems really helpfull, the advice is fab and just to think im not alone makes me feel better.

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