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Sudden agonising hip/groin pain. Can anyone relate or explain?

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Hi everyone,

Now, I'm possibly just empathising with Andy Murray...but....

I'm in sudden groin/hip pain as of yesterday afternoon. I am limping and shouting out when I move my leg in just the wrong position, though there is no redness, no swelling and it's not hot. I did absolutely nothing to cause this as far as I can tell and was walking perfectly normally around Tesco only hours before. 10 days ago blood tests showed my inflammation markers to be completely fine.

I've got UCTD and have yet to enter the world of pain in the joints more than unilateral knuckle pain and swelling and some wrist pain (also unilateral) that tends to be more weak than painful. Both of those were eradicated (or in remission) once I started Hydroxy a year ago.

I am wondering if this is referred pain because I've been having an awful time with my lower right back for the last few months and now that my hip/groin is like this, I can hardly feel my back. It started as an ache of about 2-3 /10 on the pain scale and developed to a 6 by Christmas. I spoke to my Rheumatology pharmacist about it while it was a 2-3 and he went through all the red flag questions (like bowel, urinary changes and numbness - none of those), but at that time I was certain the pain was in my middle lower back, not specific to my right side. I now know it's been the right side all along. And now it is in my right hip -- and boy is it ever!

I suspect I'm flaring a bit because I was sweating yesterday, there's been spotty fatigue and I had a rash (for the first time in months) 2 weeks ago. But maybe it's just something else entirely?

Has this kind of suddenness of pain happened to any of you? Any ideas?

Panda x

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Panda, so sorry you are going through this, you have my sympathy, I can relate.

This resonate with you at all?

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panda2 in reply to LupusKaren

Thank you so much for your sympathy LupusKaren and sorry to know you've had pain here too. Did it heal up on its own or did you need treatment of some kind?

Thanks also for this helpful info on Trochanteric Bursitis. I've read through the webpages. I spot some things that are spot on, such as pain when getting out of a chair or going upstairs. In fact, I just crossed my leg and nearly cried. But my pain is definitely on the inside of the hip rather than the outside (no buttock pain) and pain isn't triggered when I press on it. I'm aware of the right side back pain still being there if I aggravate it, so am starting to think there is a bigger picture going on. Or, possibly bursitis too? The pain is now creating a throbbing sensation in my knee. Last night it did the same and went into my ankle until I took some ibu. Did you have that?

Sigh...Looks like I'm going to have to break my record of not going to my GP for months. (I now realise that probably wasn't smart because she's going to be SO far behind on the all the consultant letters/appts.)

Thanks again for your help LupusKaren.

Panda x

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LupusKaren in reply to panda2

Panda, having been suffering with this for over a year, have been to an Osteopath, no real improvement, then Chiropractor, who definitely did help at least release a mid-thoracic solid muscle spasm, this help somewhat. A diagnosis of GTB was given to me by my hospital after a CT scan in January 2019, which revealed disc bulges, degenerative wear, and a nerve entrapment.

Fast forward to now, review of my scan on an A and E admission revealed they had missed a spine fracture, and osteoporosis in my hip and lower back. GTB could still be an issue for me, but I cannot rely on a GP, as good as he is, or my hospital.

If I were to give you any advice, it would be to ask for a scan of your hip and adjoining structures, I am doing just this, more as rule out, as I do not trust the doctors on my back care now. The company I use are nationwide, and very very reasonable, happy to PM link.

I absolutely know the agony of this type of problem, it has bought me to tears, especially at night, when I turn over in bed, and the pain hits me.

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panda2 in reply to LupusKaren

Yes, it's the pain at night that is the worst, turning over and moving the leg. And I've only had it for ONE night so far! Oh, you poor, poor thing -- over a year!? That's terrible!

I was going to ask for an x-ray of my back if the original back pain had not reduced by the new year. But then it did... But then THIS happened...

Ok, so some kind of hip and adjoining structures scan sounds like exactly the right direction. I'm afraid -- and would be happy at the same time, if that makes sense -- that it's going to just disappear in the same way it arrived by the time I can get a GP appt.

The osteoporosis has my antenna up a little now too. If I get no joy from GP or Rheumy appt that I'm to have at the end of the month (or it gets worse or is the same), I'll come back and ask about that company you use. Thank you kindly for that.

P x

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Lisalou19 in reply to panda2

Suffered terribly with this same problem after a week with no medication! I always get pain in my hip and groin area if I take a nap and rest on that side. It’s realky weird though as when I do get it, it’s only after a day time nap .

Mind you thinking about it I take amathriptalene at night (deffo not spelt right)

The past 2 days though I had it constantly and it was a real deep hip pain and groin pain. I started taking steroids again and it has eased off hugely.

No idea the reason for it, but then again I’ve no reason for half these symptoms other than our immune systems need to be reprogrammed 😔

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panda2 in reply to Lisalou19

(Hmm.. I thought I replied here, but it disappeared.) I was just agreeing about the re-programming idea! Wouldn't that be grand.. So sorry you are enduring this kind of agony too. Px

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Mystik in reply to LupusKaren

Same here cannot sleep at nite I had a hip replacement

More to come with knees etcc

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panda2 in reply to Mystik

Oh no! You too?! That sounds more complicated with the replacements though. Wishing you a painless sleep eventually. Px

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panda2 in reply to panda2

This morning things are considerably better!

I took my last pain killers at 5:30 am after having been woken by the same pain, yet I don't feel the need to take any now some 7 hours later. I'm no longer limping, or shouting. I looked into the post by LucyJC with this same kind of theme and noted a suggestion of Palindromic Rheumatism by one of the Lupus UK members. I definitely have had experiences like this in the past with my wrists and my knuckles, just much less intense, or less life-obstructive due to where the pain was.

I am going to ask for an x-ray from my Gp this week and follow-up with my Rheumy at the end of the month. Thank you all for your comments.

A much relieved -- Panda x

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Mystik in reply to panda2

Yeah I get leg cramps hardly walk need hip replacement n knees I m always in pain which m sure most of u r !

I have wear and tare is the joints nothing I can do but keep on going

Have a blessed day all

Depending on your age endometriosis or oesteopina. Go see Gp

Hi, thanks for this additional thought. Nice to have ideas outside the box. I ended up in instant post menopause at 43 when chemo irradicated my reproductive system. Plus ovaries removed months later. So endo unlikely, but my mother is oesteopenic, so definitely that is on my radar. GP on Tuesday is the plan...

Thanks so much for your input. And that's terrible to hear you've got hip nightmare going on too. Glad to hear things have held off over the past year. That's hopeful!

I'm leaning against bursitis now, since every website I read suggests it is on the outer side of the hip joint. Mine is/was definitely inner groin side. And it's almost completely gone now (phew!), nearly as suddenly as it arrived, which really does suggest the Palindromic Rheumatism idea. But looks like I'd need to rule out Osteo and other arthritis (I am Rheumatoid Factor + at a low level), as well as possible infection first through some sort of scan/x-ray. It looks like it's going to be a job for my Rheumy rather than GP. Since the likelihood of my GP having heard of Palindromic Rheumatism is pretty slim.

Thanks again so much for your thoughts. It helps with the big picture to hear how other's experiences are similar or slightly different.

P x

Couldn't agree more! And thanks again. : )

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