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Thank you xx


I hope everyone is doing well

Last month, i asked for help regarding my kidney biopsy. Thank you for all the help and kind messages. It was beyond very helpful

It was exactly how everyone described it. The aftermath of it was so hard but the procedure did not hurt

It turns out that i had leaking kidneys and it was very high.

I am now on mycophenolate prednisolone hydroxchloaquin and have to see a renal and lupus specialist after every two weeks

A new problem is sleep. Last week in total i had around 20 hours of sleep and felt wide awake all week. This week i cant get out of bed

Have pain in the left side of of my body, stiff arms and get cramps in my hands

Its my birthday tomorrow. At the moment i feel like i wil be cancelling all plans and i want to stay home

But dont want to disappoint any one :(

I know alot of have to change social plans because of health but i feel very stressed at times


P.s sorry for the long moan

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Glad the information helped and I'm sorry what came next was difficult. Sounds like what happened to me. I was diagnosed in aug 13 and my kidneys were leaking loads of protein. I was out on warfarin to thin my blood as well and gained loads of water weight as my body couldn't remove it. I stayed in bed and off work for 3 months, I literally could barely walk. The steroids made my head spin. I was really down and thought that life would never go back to the way it was. Then after around 3 months of the medication, I started to feel better. I started going to the gym again, went back to work and started to do a few social things. I won't lie it was a hard slog but it just got better and better. I went away to Italy for a week and when I came back I felt a lot better as a holiday or break helps. It took until May 14 to go into remission and my kidneys were no longer leaking. I reduced my ateroids right down and now I am only on 2mg, I started on 60mg. I also have reduced my mycophenalte. I am now back to normal. I feel so much better and I am happy.

Stick with it, take your medication, rest when you need to and eat well.

It gets better.


Ahw. I am so glad to hear that you feel better now

Thank you for the advice. I will definitely try to follow your advise


No problems

If you have any questions about anything

Just message me

I found chatting to people on here very helpful

Hope all is well



Happy birthday tomorrow is a new beginning and a new day x


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