How do you travel?

I have a business trip coming up and am really freaked out about it. 1 week of 8-10 hour days plus travel and hotel. I have such bad pain at night and barely make it past 3pm to begin with. I use so many ice packs and sleep on hard surfaces. On my last trip, which was only 1 day, i couldn't get supplies at the hotel and the 1 day of travel resulted in 2 days of not being able to get out of bed.

If i decline to go, i'll think i'll lose my job.

Any tricks for keeping flares and pain under control while traveling? Is it appropriate to reach out to a hotel and tell them what's going on and see if they can help accomodate me?

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  • I'd have a few sleeping pills to hand. I rarely take more than two nights in a row, but a good nights sleep can help. Does your trip involve eating out together? I was involved in a European project and had to excuse myself for the evening events. Not well received but it did get me through. I'd also stick to comfortable clothes/shoes so you can feel a bit more relaxed.

    I hope it goes well

  • Just saw your comment about the hotel, I'd have thought it'd be worth trying with some clear, reasonable demands

  • A hotel should have disabled access rooms on request. While travelling - I assume you are flying? - request airport assistance. You are met at the plane and delivered to your connecting flight or the taxi rank. At least you arrive at your destination pretty much in one piece which is a start.

  • I usually would try to add a day on the beginning of the trip b/c the airport/flying itself is going to wear you out. Bring some Advil PM to help sleep and help with the aches and pains. Definitely ask the airports and hotels what they can do to help. Also, let the people you are meeting with know your condition. It's nothing to be ashamed of!

  • I used to travel a lot with work, and after 3 months off sick I had to make it very clear about my support needs and they were very good about it really. I also found hotels very good too, I was taken ill in Germany and they bent over backwards to look after me. They just need to be aware.

  • Hi 001kat1d1d001,

    We published a blog article last year about going on holiday with lupus which includes loads of tips when travelling and going overseas. I hope that you find it helpful -

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