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Thanks everyone for you lovely messages xx


Thank you to everyone for your lovely and helpful messages. Although i had an ambulance this morning to take me to hospital as i couldnt move. Got more medication and hand splints which are helping lots. Starting physio soon too to help get some strength back. I'm home now just resting. Got confirmation it is hughes ive got, not sure for what reason she tested me as i have so many symptoms. I used to be on Hydroxychloroquine for years but because its a slow release drug i needed something to work straight away as the pain was so bad. My husband has finished work now for 11 days so i will get all the help i need. Thanks again everyone its so nice to hear from you all xxxxx

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I'm pleased that you have got something to take away the pain for now. I hope things now start getting so much better for you. xx

Hi Mstr, thank you so much. How are you today ??

mstr in reply to amandamummy

You're very welcome and I'm doing fine today, thank you:) The only pain I will have today is when I have to pay the dentist for my loose crown lol xx Glad to hear things getting sorted for you. x

Hope u recover well & the pain is at least manageable x

amandamummy in reply to Tabbie

Thank you Tabbie, it's still there but at least i can move now which i havnt been doing so well at these past few weeks. How are you ??

all goes well with you and you feel better soon God Bless and Happy Easter x

amandamummy in reply to Shanti

Thank you Shanti. Hope you are well too and have a lovely Easter xxxxx

Hope you go well and you get better soon. Have a blessed ester

amandamummy in reply to domineco

Thank you Domineco, Happy Easter to you, hope you are well xx

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