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No appetite loss 3lbs in 5 days, am I about to FLARE???????????

Ok so I've been noticing I have no appetite and I lost 3lbs already... My toes, and knee started bothering me last night with unfamiliar pain. Last week I felt that Pleurisy pain just one time only but I know I recognized that pain because I was afraid to breathe in for the rest of the day!!! Am I about to flare? Please I can't go thru that again ! I can't , especially with no meds!!! I feel the pain in my fingers as I type this !!!

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Hi winter baby

Not having an appetite can be part of a flare!. How come your not on any meds?. Are you due to see a Consultant?. You might like to bring that forward either thru your GP or a clinic cancellation. I hope you feel better soon. X

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I think it is a flare coming. I hope not but I'm preparing...

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Hi Winterbaby, I feel for you I really do. I can feel the pain in ur fingers, as I have the same.i had been well for 15 years until 2 months ago, I didnt get any warning signs of a flare up other than pain straight away. I mean I had no tell tale signs like you with no appetite.

I was like you the other day saying I'd had enough and I really wanted to give up. But you can't give up, there is always something new on the horizon. I am looking into Stem Cell therapy. I also take Turmeric and black pepper capsules, but as yet no difference.

Take care.❤️🍀


Wow that's a bummer 15years? And now a flare I would be livid but all I can do it push forward!

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Losing weight so quickly isn't good, you need to see what causes it, a flare might not be the answer. See the doctor so that he/she could do some blood tests and record your weight, then monitor it.

Abrupt weight loss might also be caused by medication, if you've recently changed it.

Whatever it is, go see the doctor, better to be safe.


Hi there,

Sorry to hear that you are feeling so poorly & experiencing the Pleurisy Pain, with the loss of weight @ such an alarming short time, I would advise you to get it checked out with your GP? You don"t want? it to go into full-blown Pleurisy, I am sure?! Pleurisy pain is horrendous, as you well know by the sounds of it? Please go to your Doctors to get some Antibiotics for ? Pleurisy??!!

The last twice I had Pleurisy it developed into Pneumonia, I am not trying to frighten you but you need to get the ? Pleurisy looked @ before it can develop in to something more serious?

I am sorry that I can"t help you with the pain in your fingers, I get stiffness, uncomfortable but no experience with pain of fingers like yourself.

Take care of yourself & please go to see your GP?

Sending positive, healing, soothing, comforting vibes your way.

Best wishes

Lynn XX :)


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