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Do you also have days when you seem to drop EVERYTHING?

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Some days I swear the part of my brain that deals with motor function doesn't want to work, its like my brain forgets I have something in my hand.

Additionally I walk into things, fall over blah blah.

Do you have days like this?

Urgh........think its back to bed for me, safer that way ๐Ÿ˜”

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I can relate to this. Never used to be clumsy or forgetful. Must be the brain fog. I also have trouble remembering people's names, even if I have known them for years or trouble remembering the names of objects etc - so sometimes I cannot finish my sentence. Embarrassing and annoying.

Fats1963 in reply to Wendy39

I know that feeling. I got my go to test me for early onset dementia. How do you cope with the frustration. I am sick of family and friends saying "but I already told you that". Can't remember names, appointments and have problems word finding. Thank you for posting I feel that I am not alone and all this is caused by the SLE.

Hi, I relate to that too. Being forgetful, dropping things, falling over, stumble onto things. My brain at times forgets to distinguish the difference between hot and cold.... Scary..... So at times can touch hot water and feel like it's cold and vise versa..... I even forget my children's names! Fortunately they are aware of what is happening and try to make easy on me. How about looking for my glasses everywhere in the house only to realise I am wearing them!!!

You are not alone! We just have to live with it! Take care and stay positive!

Fats1963 in reply to Pipido36

Yes it is so frustrating. I joke about it by saying. What is old is new again, but it really gets me down and frustrated.

Oh yes, bruises and scars all over my arms and legs. Caught my leg on the edge of the bed yesterday, my skin is so thin with the steroids took about an hour to finally stop bleeding. We don't have a full matching set of glasses, plates or any thing because I am always dropping and breaking them and the amount of new mugs we buy on a weekly basis is ridiculous. I think staying in bed is the right idea and a whole lot safer lol. Please don't get me started on the brain fog, couldn't remember step daughter's name or son's long standing girl friends name last week. Ah well I keep the family entertained at least with all my fopars, don't you just love this disease, not. Love and hugs and just try to keep smiling xx

babssara in reply to KarenC

SNAP to all of your reply Babs x

Fats1963 in reply to KarenC

Yes. KarenC I always sustain skin tears and bruising. When I look at my arms they look like a 70 year old lady.

Hi, yes I have days where my hand want to do its own thing. I also mistime things and this often end with me walking into a wall. I just laugh, what else can you do. ๐Ÿ˜…

I joke about it too,

I can relate to all this - I'm not sure but I do really think that doing gentle yoga helps. You do balances, hold positions, stretch all your muscles and joints - and relax. It's certainly worth a try even if only to prove to yourself that you do have some control over your body! lol

Yes indeedโ—๏ธโ—๏ธโ—๏ธโ—๏ธโ—๏ธโ—๏ธโ—๏ธโ—๏ธ Simple stuff ....and ...uh oh: passwords: all drops out of my mind &/or my hands...legs won't work right...can't feel my forefeet & toes....but I aim to keep laughing...

babssara in reply to Barnclown

That's my girl! x

I thought it was just me. Always forgeting the simplist of words ,names etc falling up and down stairs even my own feet, and as for dropping and knocking things over I need new plates and glasses because nothing matches any more.

yes, my husband banned me from the kitchen years ago for same thing. I dropped a pan of boiling water and smashed most of our crockery. I am always dropping things for no reason. So no cooking etc. For me anymore, so frustrating! X

babssara in reply to Poshcards

I'm sick of being banned!!!! Lucky you not having to cook! My h BOILS STIR FRY!!!!!

Babs x

Poshcards in reply to babssara

I would love to get back in the kitchen, I enjoyed cooking and baking, my husband has to do everything now, life can be very annoying x

ac489 in reply to Poshcards

Wish my husband would ban me from the kitchen. I never have cared for cooking. I haven't dropped anything yet but if I broke dishes, he would just buy more lol. We will be married 32 years end of November and I have always done the cooking and cleaning inside and he takes care of everything outside. He has learned to live in a dirty house and eat simple quick meals, my poor sweetheart.

Fats1963 in reply to ac489

I'm glad I'm not the only one with a messy house. Sleep most days off work. Need a nanny nap through the day๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜ค

Once having dropped things I generally have to 3 > 4 attempts at picking them up before I finally retrieve whatever I dropped!

Yep. ' short term memory fails when multi - attending ' I believe they call it. All you can do is go very slowly. Periodically taking the time to stop and visually scan your environment to see where things are helps ( seriously, I do this as a habit now - it helps you figure out what you are actually up to )

Hard not to be distressed by it all, especially by the end of the day when the frustrations have accumulated and you just want to clumsily strangle someone.

But you do eventually accept & adjust. It just takes time.

I drop things too ! Its really random. Like a little neural blip.

Wow. Others do it too !

Name remembering - word finding problems too. wow.... I thought it was just me.

A hippie friend told me I need to accept my limitations and live my life in a walking meditation, (re: Thich Nhat Hanh). Practicing being aware only of the current moment - not worrying about the past and future - actually living in a meditative state.

Bloody hippies!

Nonetheless I did manage to 'attain' this for a week or two and it was a really nice, slowing, trauma reducing - appreciating the flowers (and where my body was in space) type experience.

Didn't poke myself in the eye once.

Planning to go back into this state for a while to stave off a badly racing mind. Receive a holiday from myself.

Might be a bit of work to get there however.

babssara in reply to Freckle1000

LOVE IT!!!!! x

Freckle1000 in reply to babssara


And now 3 hours later I come to my original forgotten thought.

Occupational therapist ! Yes !

I accidentally came across one. They can actually give you quick tips on getting around some of these ailments.

There's no shame in it.

In my experience peoples with Lupus/ cognitive problems tend not to loose their verbal reasoning - and from reading posts on this site I think most of you would score pretty high in this area.

Cruel when you're actually a genius and can't organise yourself to express a thought.

And drop things.

Yes! Forgetting the basics. Thanks Lupus!

Oh Autumnsun, you know what it is! Its brain fog. Brain forgetfulness. Your brain says I' not carrying anything, but your hand tells you differently. Am I on the right lines?

It comes to us all (not just with age as my wonderful h keeps telling me, cheeky b*****!!!!).

Take care. Babs x

Yes all of the above. Poor cognitive brain function, sometimes my hands shake and just open. I have periods of just general weakness. I saw a occupational therapist for chronic fatigue who taught me pacing. It works. Alternate jobs mental physical. Give yourself time, recovery is quicker.

I'm having a right old giggle here reading all your fabulous comments. Despite having 'brain fog' aka brain farts aka brain cease aka brain......oh darn I can't remember.......

I'm so pleased mine and all you lovely peoples humour is still very much in evidence.

As ever, take care you crazy lot



Thank goodness this is normal! I drop things, crash my shoulders and hips on doorways, and only eat off melamine plates. At last I know I'm normal!

Oh yes I forgot I do that, walk into door jams, catch my arms on the door handles, at least the lupus fog means we forget for a while how clumsy we are lol. Then in the space of half an hour we do it again and it all comes flooding back. I must walk miles every day going from one room to another, by the time I get there I have forgotten what I came for, so go back to beginning and sometimes remember or a couple of days later think I was going to do that the other day why didn't I.

Love and gentle hugs to all you mad lupies out there, don't know what I would do with out you xxxxx

Fats1963 in reply to KarenC

That's me, lost count oh how many pairs of reading glasses and cases I have lost.

ac489 in reply to KarenC

I have to be more careful going trough doors now. I am often knocking myself in the head with cabinet doors too. I constantly make two or three trips to another room while finally remembering what I am doing. My husband has learned to be part of my missing brain to remind me what I was doing, lol. We have to laugh it off because it can get quite frustrating when you are used to doing five things at once and all of a sudden you have trouble remembering one thing you are trying to accomplish. You all help keep my spirits up and give me a laugh to make it through the Lupus brain.

Omg! I thought it was just me being clumsy! I also lose my balance a lot, walk into door posts, bang my head on cupboard doors, trip over my own feet, run over my feet with the door cos I misjudged where I should be in relation to the door when I open or close it. Always got bruises somewhere! Lol I also forget people's names as soon as I've been given them, mind goes blank while in mid conversation, forgetting what I wanted to write on here! Lol Erm......Oh yes! Does anyone else get the first letters of two words in a sentence mixed up like saying "Where did I put the fat cood?" (cat food) I often do that, makes me laugh though, same as wobbling off balance does! Lol While I'm here can I ask, does anyone know of anything that will lesson the effects of a fairly bad Lupus rash on the face please. Due to see dermatologist god knows when, and got my son's wedding to attend in middle of January 2016. Don't want to stick out like a sore thumb or ruin photos. Sorry about my verbal diarrhea. Lol

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