Cold for 10 days

Hi some advice please. I have a cold which I've had for 10 days now. I have lupus. It started with sore throat and has now turned into sneezing phlegm and headache. I had clinic last week where my dip stick was 3 +. The hospital rang me and I had to go bk to clincic the following week to repeat . This time it showed just traces of protein. I know my immune system is low as I've not had a cold for years that lasts this long. Shd I visit the docs on Monday incase there is a secondary infection?

Many thanks


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  • I'd probably only go if I was getting worse as time goes on or was coughing green phlegm or had obvious throat infection. It could just be a virus but only you know really if u need to go I suppose.

    Coughs can seem to go on for several weeks.

  • Thanks Sara. I'm a sucker for not going docs until I get really worse. Just wanted to avoid that. I know there is a lot of colds going around at the mo.

    Will see if I'm still like this on weds then may go docs as am coughing to and I'm prone to swollen glands. X

  • Yeah I'd just see how u go then there are loads of bugs going around at the moment, my 2 little ones are full of it at the mo too so hoping I don't get it with being on azathioprine

    Hope u feel better soon get lots of rest if u can and fluids!

  • Thank you


  • Hi Sandra....try a garlic soup recipe. I had the flu really bad back in Dec...headache, the whole stuffy head thing. Made a high memade garlic soup with 56 pieces of garlic I believe. Cleared it out quickly.

  • Wow 56 !! Cheers for that x

  • I actually only had 26 pieces I believe. Used up all my garlic. I made it anyway.

  • Hi Sandra

    Only you know your own body if it feels like you have a high fever or in pain with the water infection go to doctors. My doctor doesn't mind how often I go. Usually when I do go it's some sort of infection and I need antibiotics as my body doesn't want to heal it's self. I think go before it gets serious

    Hope this helps I know it's totally different to others and confusing but as I said only you can know go with your gut feeling 😘

  • Thank you. I don't have a fever or issues with my water. I have woke up with my joints in pain . So will go docs tomorrow. Thank you for your advice xx

  • I had a flu in October it took 6weeks to go. Didn't go to docs as they were so busy and short staffed due to absent staff who had flu. Unless you get worse I'm sure you'll be getting better soon

    Best wishes diane

  • I have had the same mine started xmas and it has still not gone there is so much going around my GP says as i have lupus it takes longer !!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank you xx

  • Can't answer the question about see the Doc but ....

    The best advice I was given was by my local Pharmacist back in 2014:

    1, rest rest rest

    2, steam inhalation - you know with a towel over your head, 3 times a day with nothing added to the water

    I have recommended it to loads of folk especially Dec 2016 + Jan 2017 as over our way lots of folk have had the dreadful 'cough virus'. I had it in Jan for 2 weeks - it was the pits!

    Anyways '1' and '2' worked once again. But no half-hearted measures when it comes to the steam, you must do it 3 times a day and for a number of days. It really loosens up the phlegm and clears the 'pipes' so to speak.

  • I did the steam yesterday. But will do it again..Thanks. Have rested all day today x

  • Glad to hear it. Remember you need to do it 3 times a day for it to work.

    I have had 2 chest infections since becoming unwell in 2011. One in 2013 and one in 2014. They were the pits!! Awful awful awful.

    I thought I was heading the same way with the cough virus in Jan as it was so bad and I could feel it sinking ever deeper into my chest. But 1 week of steam 3 times a day and tonnes of rest stopped it getting hold and of course it then meant no trip to the GP and no blasted antibiotics!

    Good luck. I hope it starts to ease v soon.

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