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Peticial rash on shins - significant? APS or SLE related?

I have been flaring this last week and had my first malar rash on my face and antidepressants not controlling TMJ pain as they were. More blood in urine too. INR had fallen to 1.7 last Thursday (range 2.5 - 3).

Friday night I noticed a rash like an abrasion under the skin with tiny red non-blanching spots.

Could this be a peticial rash? Since I have had no trauma but have a history of low platelet counts is this likely related to eithet of these conditions, and if so, which? I have confirmed APS for which I am on warfarin and have probable SLE which is accepted by my GP and thrombotologist.

Thanks all

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Hi Bonnie39,

It could be related to a low platelet count. You may be thrombocytopenic, I would call your GP and request a blood test.


Mine was vasculitis.


Thanks both. I will raise it at my INR check tomorrow. Loublou - were they able to do anything about it?


There is quite a good wee excercise that you can do for TMS, TMJ, very simple and results in much less pain without any drugs, I suggest you ask your dentist, it has worked for me after 30 years of pretty severe problems, good luck.


Hi Bonnie 39, this certainly sounds like platelet problems, I agree with the others, you must see your GP asap.


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