skin rash ? lupus related

skin rash ? lupus related

I had a rash develop in january which GP thought may be lupus, referred for skin biopsy but when apt came in 6 months later it was gone! It is now back but much worse so Gp again querying lupus ( picture was taken about 3 weeks ago , now many larger circlular lesions ), waiting for skin biopsy again and rheumatology and neurology appointments. So sick of being constantly tired and in pain from muscle spasms and joint pain. Struggling to do a days work , if I do , I need to go to bed after teatime !

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  • has anyone had a punch biopsy of rash?

  • I feel you.

    It looks like discoid lupus rash ( and you should get a skin punch (local anesthetic, you won't feel it) biopsy done. And stay out of the sun if possible.

    Good luck and let us know what the biopsy shows.

  • Hi thank you for your response , yeah hope the punch biopsy isn't too long in coming! Just want some answers and appropriate treatment finally! Read the article , thank you for link x

  • thank you very much , just wish the biopsy would hurry up as its now worse again ! Will update once done x

  • well had my skin biopsy done about 4 weeks ago now and waiting still for results anxiously ! Have rheumatologist and neurologist next week , so hoping getting closer to a diagnosis finally!! Its been a very long road !

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