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Flu jab, any improvements in symptoms and number of infections?

I had my flu vaccination yesterday, the first time, and I am wondering if any of you have noticed less severe symptoms of your SLE over the winter,as well as less viral infections after that. I feel that my SLE symptoms get worse over winter because of viral infections that I keep getting (I work in a school). So I am hoping for some improvement. Thanks for any comments.

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Hi Petrof,

I have had 4 flu jabs in all ,I don't seem to catch so many colds, but maybe that is because I try to avoid going in crowded places, but otherwise, no changes in my lupus symptoms.


Thanks, well I work in a school, so hope not catching so many viruses will be one of the benefits.


hello petrof, did you have a reaction to your flu jab please? was injection site become red and lumpy? x


Hi, well my shoulder still hurts and I also have very painful salivary glands and eyes and swollen face. However, a little flare up was starting before I had the jab, so it is hard to say if this would happen anyway or if the symptoms were made worse by the vaccination. Who knows, I am just taking it easy, keeping warm and waiting for it to get better.


Hi Petrof

I have been having the flu jab for years and have never had a problem I also have other vaccines as I work in a hospital so vaccines that are not live I can have. My symptoms are always better in the winter as I am photosensitive and the UV index is lower in the winter and I avoid places that have too much florescent or low energy lighting as they emit UV rays and can make me worse I wear a factor fifty sun cream just to work on the wards due to the lighting. When I am out I wear gloves and scarf all year round and cover most of my skin doing this has made a big difference to me and my symptoms which don't get as bad as they used to. I wear tinted glasses and use artificial tears in my eyes which give me a lot of relief. Occupational health don't allow me to work on childrens wards as they are a huge risk for me to pick up infections there are also another couple of areas in the hospital that I avoid as there are large numbers of children there, maybe you should see if there are any other vaccines that will help you.

Good luck and I hope you keep well this winter

Madmagz x


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