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How often does other get kidney infections

Hi all im new to this site, my daughter & i was diagnosed with sle about 12 yrs ago. But in the last 3 months my daughter has had 2 admissions to hospital and 4 occasions of having a kidney infections. She is in hospital at the moment she has to be seen by the renal drs now as to find out why she is getting so many kidney infections in a short time gap. Wondered if any one else was having the same problems

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I'm new to this site as well. I was diagnosed with Lupus about 4 years ago. I constantly get/have kidney infections. I'm about to see an urologist oncologists regarding a kidney biopsy, looking for kidney nephritis. I hope your daughter feels better soon and y'all get the answers you need..


I was in hospital recently for 10 days with kidney problems. What was thought to be cystitis turned out to be an e coli infection and it damaged my kidneys. I was very poorly

The infection cleared up but I wasnt getting better so my gp took blood tests at home as I was ill in bed, and in the early hours of the next morning an ambulance driver was banging on my front door....very alarming. We also found recorded messages from an out of hours doctor saying I needed to be admitted. I was badly dehydrated and put on a saline drip once I was admitted...I was a bit anaemic as well as I hadnt eaten or drunk properly for a while. Potassium levels in my kidneys were very high and thats what was causing the problems. 10 days later they let me come home and it took 3-4 weeks at home to get my strength back

Its the first time thats happened to me and I hope it never happens again. I was given no assurance my kidney function would return to normal and was told I will have to go to the renal dep for check ups. I have mild SLE diagnosed in 2005 and other problems but since treatment I've remained stable and blood tests have been good. I'm hoping to get back to that. They didnt know whether SLE had any impact on my kidneys or not, personally I dont think it did

I hope you get answers for your daughter and the treatment she may need. Do let us know how she gets on xxx

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Hi Sandra,

I also have SLE, and though I haven't experienced any kidney problems, in the past I've had quite a few of kidney and bladder infections. I can tell you now if you guys are drinking any soda, kool-aid, or any types of beverages that contain artificial colors you are going to have to discontinue drinking them. I am sure you know that drinking cranberry juice and water is best. You should be able to smell your urine and see cloudiness within the urine way prior to the onset of infection. Your urine should be lightly colored yellow or clear. Flushing the kidney with water and cranberry juice should keep infections away.

However, I have learned since my SLE diagnosis, that taking drugs such as methotrexate may cause problems with kidneys, which is why when taking this drug your doctor should have you taking blood and urine analysis each four weeks, though mine doesn't she confuses four months with four weeks and then denies my medicine because of it! It's good to have it checked out, but in the meanwhile, if you are drinking pops, or other artificial types of beverages it is wise to no longer do so.


I'm on methotrexate an have kidney,bladder,pelvic infections an my rheumatologist told me that the infections had nothing to do with the lupus an I needed to see a gynecologist!


Sle attacks internal organs often and the kidneys and lungs are very common. I have already had one kidney removed and I am low dose antibiotics all the time for infections. The only advise I would give you is always have the one tablet remedy at hand and drink loads of water and don't hold it in if you feel you need to urinate

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