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Colds, Infections and Phlegm

I hope you are all well (whatever being well means to each individual!).

Like many here, I have SLE too. With my SLE, the joints and lungs are the problem areas. After a roller-coaster of highs and lows, I am feeling great these days. The tiredness, joint pains and lung problems are all still there, but so much less than before that I have no reason to complain. However, I have not been able to shake off are the constant colds and almost ever-present phlegm.

Do any of you share the same problem? If so, was there any specific thing that you found triggered it and did you discover any effective ways to combat it. Did it lead to something more serious? Personally, I try to avoid anti-biotics as much as possible as they simply stop working after 2-3 courses over a year or two.

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Yes, I'm currently taking methotrexate and although the benefits are fantastic I've never felt better I do suffer dry thickly cough runny nose and inordinate amounts of phlegm. One set of bloods came back with raised indicators so had antibiotics.. this last set were fine so it's a case of watch this space.. Would be interesting to know if you are on similar medications ?


I too have SLE and have done for about 35 years and in the past few years have had the phlegm problem - at first it really worried me but if it is a clear colour I try not to bother but if it starts getting greenish (sorry if this is a bit too much info !) I do go to the doctors to get ani-biotics . The thing that bothers me more is what other people think when I have it, it cannot be nice, some say I should get that cough sorted how can I tell them it is my Lupus - I do tell people I know, but others I just agree. I do have Asthma sprays which do help if it is getting too much.


I started methotrexate approx. 6 months ago. I do find it helps with the joint pain but since starting it I have had a constant cough (I was advised to stop taking it for about 3 weeks so as not to lower my immune system). I find night time the worst and so the circle starts - not sleeping being tired during the day, no energy - but at the end of the day the medication is given to us to give us the best chance of surviving so I suppose we have to be strong, grin and bear it. It will not beat us xx


Hi I have scle with a crossover of systemic symptoms, I have emphazema, and am on metho and hydrox, but I have 3 pumps one.has stetiods in as I have that dreaded cough but I slso heave and gag and im told that the gerds,I can take antibiotics as for me the course thrush,when I was first on metho I had chest infection and pericarditis but im now un my 5th and would be lost without it hope ive helped


Hello Adam, I too have lung problems, but mine is a dry cough and I have had it for several years. I have oxygen at home because I get short of breath and my saturations go down. My chest Doctor said he suspected statins were causing my cough and asked me to stop them for a month. When I stopped, my cough went completely and returned on restarting statins, I have now changed to Pravastatin , which seems OK. Could you discuss with with your Doctor about any side effects from your other tablets.

I always have a flu jab and that seems to help avoid colds.

I know everyone is different, and I hope you get some relief, good luck


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