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Hi All just wondering if anyone else gets pain in there jaw, have been told its arthritis by a doctor then by another doctor that he had never heard of arthritis in the jaw. Anyone Help.

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Hi, I get periodic pain - rightside jaw line, like the bone itself actually hurts and not the joint. Doctors just gloss over it. :-)

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i get pain in my lower left jaw, first thought it was toothache, but it comes and goes

i have low vitamin d has well so don't know if its related.

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I've been having really bad jaw pain ,it's a new thing for me .It hurts all the time and eating makes it worse.Eating Meat being even more so ! my teeth are fine .along with some other new things ( intence pain in my groins )it became a problem..lm going to st Thomas on 4th July I will let you know what they say .bestwishes

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Yes! Have trouble with temperomandibular joint. Had to quit as a brass player between that and strokes!

I often have weeks where I exist on porrige & soup, its too painful to chew.

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Hi, Yes i have also expereince jaw pain periodically. The " insanity "of this disease is... my personal discription.. it feels like i have a ghost inside of me that creeps around and wherever it feels like causing aches, pains ,headaches, nausea, fast heart rate, weakness, feeling ill, so it just does! and i try not to focus too much on it lately, and say this can only be Lupus that is making me feel like this today. Not easy. expecially if you are a fulltime working person. Hang in there and keep strong. God bless you and strengthen you.

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does anyone know if you can have PMR and lupus at the same time? its just ive been treated for PMR since last July but my last three blood test have tested possitive for SLE if anyone can give me any ideas


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Hi there,

I too suffer from this, it is very painful. It is called TMJ and I have been referred to the Maxofacial department. I was given a mouth guard to protect my lower teeth at night (I clench my teeth) and some excercises and foods to avoid. The mouth guard, though rather odd initially does help. It also helps that my Rheumy has some empathy as does the dentist and the maxofacial doctors. Do please pursue this matter you can get help and it is very much part of the SLE arthritis picture. Sadly though not all that much that can be done. Good luck!


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hii have been yes one of my major health problems is chronic jaw pain which affects my ear and all the left side of my face ,for me its very debilitating and affects my life considerably,i ,sohave been diagnosed with temporal mandibular joint dysfunction,and also a ct scan revealed arthritis of the jaw joint so my problems are very complex , my rhummie says its all down to my lupus sjogrens and fibro , I wear a lower splint which at first helped, but been told its just another symptom that I ve got to learn to live with ,oh I hate this illness ! some people just don't understand what we have to put up with , !

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Sorry it's so painful. TMJ is another of those random symptoms we get. There are lots of exercises available if you google it which are supposed to ease symptoms and the dentist or max fax can fit you for a gum shield. Mine has stopped for now but it used to be worst when eating sandwiches or chewing meat.

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I'm just told by all of my doctors that they don't know why it happens, but have been hospitalized for the jaw pain along with bad chest and shoulder pain and they didn't find anything wrong.

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