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Jaw Pain

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I know people have written before about this, I think. I have terrible jaw pain right now. Started yesterday. Can't chew without pain.. not sure what to do about this. Any suggestions. My jaw made a crack sound yesterday when I yawned. Have had some issues with jaw before, but not this bad. Is it an infection, or a kind of joint problem? Thanks..

Hubby jokes I talked too much watching a documentary last night. Couldn't help it, it was Russia Wilderness. So cool.... I hate when he jokes about my ailments.

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Do you grind your teeth at night while sleeping? I do ( usually after a stressful day) and then my jaw is in agony for days after

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Natura in reply to stillsmiling

I don't think I grind my teeth.

I think I would be heading for the doctor but in case you haven't yet.. if the pain is some sort of infection crushing a garlic bulb and placing in the area might help to alleviate some of the pain

Sorry cant help with taste or smell though.

I think this event, if it continues requires another opinion though

A little better today. Pounded ginger/turmeric tea the past two days and it's getting better. Some inflammation of some kind I guess. Thanks for listening

Hi Natura

Your jaw pain is inflammation of the jaw joint. It's got a long name which I don't remember but I've had it on and off for years with your symptoms. It does settle over time and not as worrying as an infection but painful and difficult while affected. X

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Natura in reply to misty14

Misty...yeah, I think that's what it is too.

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Natura in reply to misty14

Misty..I made an appt with dentist. How long would you say it went on? Annoying and difficult to chew anything hard.

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misty14 in reply to Natura

Hi Natura

The jaw pain can go on for as long as there's inflammation around. Sort that out and the jaw could ease!. Good luck with your dental appointment, could be very helpful, I also agree about a night guard for your teeth might help. I have one as my Dentist said we all can grind our teeth without realising and I've discovered I do.X

I suffer with my jaw too. it aches a lot. I get jaw pain as well. my dentist has told me it is connected to my lypus. try visiting your dentist and asking them. rather than your gp hope you get sorted soon.

It is called Temporomandibular disorder. I have it also. First started at puberty when I yawned and then I couldn't shut my mouth! Had to massage joint very aggresively to get it to shut, has clicked ever since and now joint on other side of mouth also clicks. Dentists I have seen over the years have always dismissed it as "just" being arthritis - no treatment offered. Have also had severe pain in my right jaw recently, perhaps the changing of the seasons? Perhaps stress and clenching muscles without realising? Whatever it is painful. I try alternating hot and cold compress on joint and that seems to help. Also meditation. I know you have lots of stress at the moment so probably no coincidence. I have stress going on too currently with break up of my sons marriage after only two years and a young baby involved - all the usual family histrionics. As for your husband - give him a good uppercut and see if he thinks it is a laughing matter then ;)

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Natura in reply to Catlady56

Catlady..you made me laugh..ow! Ha! Thanks for the cold and hot compress idea. Didn't think of that. Thanks. So sorry for your sons marriage....sad when a child is involved....all we have is hope these days....hope for a better tomorrow...take care..

This may not help with your current pain but I am reading an interesting book at the moment

Lupus ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES THAT WORK Sharon Moore Healing Arts Press Rochester, Vermont

Overnight....hope you are feeling well...thanks..I will look into. The ginger/turmeric tea helped a lot. Still there, but not as bad.

I would go to your doctor about the jaw pain. Although it could be part of your symptoms, jaw pain in women can signal a heart attack. Read:


It's worth checking out and many women are not aware of this.

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Natura in reply to loretta1106

Loretta...you scared me, didn't know that...maybe I should see my GP soon. I have been very stressed, trouble breathing and tired.

Check your natto levels again just in case

I have been backing off on natto k a little since my rheumy said I don't have any health problems. I got back to my dosage when I started getting a lot of headaches and pain in my hamstring and calves. I will be more careful. I believe the doctor is wrong and when I got my bloodwork, I was not clotty.

Well he wouldnt be the first and probably he's not going to be the last

Better to trust your own judgement

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loretta1106 in reply to Natura

Sorry--didn't mean to scare you but if it's continuous, it doesn't hurt to check. I'm a terrible one for going to the doctor but a lot of people don't know the signs for a heart problem in women. Because I knew the signs of a stroke, I knew immediately I was having a stroke and made calls, had an aspirin before I got to the hospital and got there quickly. I only lost my ability to speak which is returning to normal and awareness is important for us. Take care of yourself and have a good day.

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Natura in reply to loretta1106

Loretta...don't worry about scaring me. I have strokes in my family history. I too hate to go to the doctor, and will put it off unless I have extreme pain somewhere for awhile. Terrible that we can't find what causes our problems. I will try to pay better attention. Thanks.

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loretta1106 in reply to Natura

It's all a learning process--esp about my APS and symptoms . It's treated like a rare disease in the US and thank goodness I have a GP and neurologist and rheumatologist that are familiar with APS but I have no support groups here, etc. This forum has been a life saver and makes me know that I'm not crazy or imagining the symptoms. We have to educate ourselves.


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Natura in reply to loretta1106

Me too. I don't think people even know what lupus is. My brother thinks it's just not going in the sun anymore. But, I do have two other brothers on blood thinners. Why I pay attention to my pains so much. Thanks for advice.

As loretta says Aspirin is worth keeping close if you have any.

If not capsicum might be an alternative


Hopefully the worst has passed now.

Take care

I usually keep aspirin in my pocketbook for these reasons. Thanks.

hello natura, I had this for years and it gave me very bad migraines, pain up the side of my head and down to my shoulder. I also ground my teeth at night, you can test if its temporomandibular pain if its right at the very back of your jaw, beyond your teeth.Stick a clean finger in and feel.

My problem was solved by my dentist making me a hard plastic gum shield to wear at night, this literally solved the problem overnight, and I do not get pain any more.

Please try your dentist and discuss this as I am sure it will help you, good luck.

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Thank you teapot. It is way back in the joint of the jaw. I haven't seen a dentist in I don't know when...if it doesn't get better, I will go. Thanks.

Going to GP today. Jaw still hurts...

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