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Do other Lupies find they take longer to get over things than they used to?

Do other Lupies find they take longer to get over things than they used to? I had a biopsy on my breast 2 weeks ago and it took a full week to get over it. I have to have a further operation under general anaesthetic next week and I'm a bit worried about how long it will take me to recover from it.

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Hi, my answer is yes, I assume it is to do with the compromised imune system.

Generally I feel that whatever the problem is it takes me such a long time to recover compared to years ago before SLE.

Any minor infections tend to become worse and always need antibiotics to rid, sadly these usually cause thrush (another lot of meds for that one!).

It may not be the same for evryone, but in my experience my recovery from illnesses is slower.

All the best for your future treatments.



I have to say yes also. It takes forever just to get over the common cold I have this flu hanging over me for ever now Have a chat with your consultant or rheumy nurse to see if they can recommend anything for you to take to help speed up the recovery process.


I'm glad I'm not the only one! Unfortunately I've had to change my rheumy appointment as it was for the day my surgery is due. I'm sure I'll be fine, just not looking forward to the days of feeling rubbish afterwards. But I've arranged time off work (which I never usually do) so I've got a few days when there's nothing I have to do except rest. Hopefully that'll help :-)


I have more problems recovering from illness /injury since the rheumy stopped chloroquin in Jan & decided last month to confirm theres no evidence I have lupus - or anything else so no need for meds. Nothing to supress my immune system now so why it takes even longer I dont know!?


I have had several operations since 1999 due to lupus and kidney failure. I have found that after each operation i have got weaker, my legs are tired a lot more. I walk very slowly now. My joint pains increase. It is taking me a lot of time to regain some kind of strength after each operation. My immune system is even weaker now that i have had a kidney transplant due to the anti rejection medication. colds are a lot more frequent.


I also find it takes longer to get over illness I just throught it was me it took six years to be diagnosed with lupus.

I was fuller diagnosed january last year I had had operations in the past and recovered relly well but in January this year was found to have a large brain tumor was operated on at the end of January and the wond is still healing as am I.

It seems to be takeing for ever


Six months to get over a chest infection. Then, as soon as I had I get a brand spanking new one! Pfft.


Yes I am in the same boat had loads of chest infections over Christmas and new year resorted to havin another go at high vitamin D supplement 5000a day over last month feeling bit better past week but overdid it at week end tryin to do too much Sod's law more resting again may not be answer but will try anything !! hope you improve soon :)


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