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Things to do following forced early retirement, update

Things to do following forced early retirement,  update

A few weeks ago my lovely husband bought me a veg trug so that I could have a little vegetable garden without having to bend at all.

Just thought I would update you all.

The salad leaves that I planted out are doing well, I've picked enough for a salad to go with dinner twice, and also fed some to my tortoises. 

The carrots, beetroot and broad beans are sprouting, but there's no sign of my courgettes yet, we'll see what happens over the next few weeks.

I'm really enjoying being able to do a little gardening, on a very small scale, as I've found it all very frustrating in recent times.

Hope this will inspire someone to have a go 😀 

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I suppose they're well out of the reach of slugs too! Growing things are really good for us!


Hi Creaky

Thanks for sharing how well your veg trug is doing. it's very satisfying growing veggies and plants, good for depression too. You are proof that we don't have to give up things we enjoy if our illnesses make it hard but to modify and change things to help us continue which is very inspiring!. I hope you have a great harvest and can enjoy this warmer weather.X


Sorry I didn't reply not access to email for a few days, thank will keep you all posted x



I love your little garden!! 

In 1997, I gave up a full-time professorship because my lupus was so overwhelming. (I had pneumonia three times in one year.)

My husband rented a tiller and turned a fresh garden for me, 20 feet by 30 feet.  He helped me plant wildflowers cultivated by a local nursery. With his help, I was able to plant the young plants in the ground.  By choosing wildfowers, very little care was needed to sustain them.  All were hardy in the dry conditions in Missouri where we live, so they didn't need to be watered daily.

Today there are still clumps and patches of the same flowers growing in my garden.

I have enjoyed my garden so much through the years. My lupus is still with me, controlled now so that I have only joint pain and skin lesions.  I can garden if I stay out of the sun.

How wonderful that you can garden while standing!  That's such a good idea!  There's always something new everyday in a garden. It's so much to look forward to.

There's nothing quite as hopeful as planting a garden! I hope you will enjoy yours for years to come!

Lorelei ❤️


So sorry to hear that you have been so poorly, I have bronchitis myself at present, but life goes on. I will keep you updated on my veg trug.

Gardening, even on such a small scale is good for the mind and body!

Stay well 😀 x


Your garden looks wonderful.

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How lovely. Nothing tastes as good as fresh home grown veg. I love pottering in my garden. Just have to do it a bit at a time these days. Keep up the good work. So nice to get some positive news on here!  

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Thankyou 😀


My husband loves his garden and grows us salad leaves, tomatoes, cabbages, purple sprouting broc etc. We had rhubarb last week, that I made into a crumble. He has recently raised one of our outdoor beds, as we have trouble with rabbits! They eat everything. Of course the height makes it much easier for him and my mum who is 66 and doesn't have a garden of her own, so helps us with ours. Plus, the slugs and bugs are kept away much more too. I'm going to show him your photo. Love that trug idea. Well done to you. 

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Thankyou, the slugs haven't found mine yet! 😀

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