Does anyone get the malar/butterfly rash anywhere other than cheeks and nose?

I don't have anything on my cheeks or nose, but I do get what I think is the butterfly rash on my temples, and sometimes at the sides of my forehead. It fits all the descriptions people have mentioned in this forum, and the burning sensation etc, and I tend to feel a bit burny all over my body when it flares up, so I'm thinking it's definitely an indicator of some sort of inflammation. But it's in the wrong place so I'm not sure if that's what it is. What do you think?

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  • I get it on my chest

  • Could this be Rosacea?

  • If I am just tired and run down, then my rash is bright red on cheeks across nose and a bit on chin and it feels like face is on fire. If I flare then it starts with swelling of face and then rashes like full butterfly - body on my nose with top wings over eyebrows and bottom wings down cheeks, and again on chin. Left unattended it will spread to neck and chest area. I don't feel like my whole body is burning, just my head. I do feel like my body is sick (not necessarily my stomach), I tell my husband that if my legs could just throw-up they would feel much better. I have been to Rheumi with a perfect butterfly rash, but he is more impressed with my pics of eyes swollen shut and a full rosey glow.

  • Neck and chest.

  • Thanks ladies. I'm not quite sure I have the same thing. It does feel like my face is on fire when it happens though. Maybe it is rosacea, but I'd never thought it would be that, although tbh I don't know if I could really know the difference.

  • I have this rash on my face I have not been diagnosed with Lupus but today I took a friend shopping so I was in the sun while driving even with factor 30 on my face is on fire. I was given the cream for Rosacea but it did no good and I'm effected more in the sun

  • I havent been diagnosed yet, but i have a big rash on my chest and neck. It itches and burns when the weather warms up. When i get too hot, or stressed its spotty looking and really bright. Its become worse in past year, people ask whats wrong... i just learned what it possibly can be tho.

  • Hi there, I Get it on my chin, neck and Chest aswell as cheeks etc

  • i have it all over the nose and cheeks pure red and hot all the time big patches on arms i feel ppl look at u all the time does my head in because they dont understand i was on routes 2 work for a year they said weel ur brain is fine so u can work was a total joke now i dint need 2 go back 2 them

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