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Other professions do they really understand ?

I am a single parent and struggling with lupus. I no longer work and have a 15 year old daughter living at home. She is so wonderful and understands my illness and is def not a typical teenager due to this. Her help has been a godsend x my groan is she had to have major surgery on her knee. Full reconstruction. They did all the blood testsbeforehand because of my condition and family immune problems. She was ok for surgery. She cannot put any weight on her leg for six weeks she will then spend 3 months in a leg brace and then they will teach her to walk again. They have said this can take 6 months before she is able to start living a normal life :-( i have to help her up stairs. Getting up and down. Bathing. Washing her hair and all the things that so many of us take for granted. She was sent home the day after her surgery with a pair of crutches. I have been offered any help or support with helping her and day 2 of her been home im struggling. She wanted her hair washing tonight. Omg i just wanted to cry because the pain was so intense... she knew this has much has i have tried to hide it from her. I want to be there for my daughter in every way just like she has been for me. But how !! I love her so much and dont want to fail her x

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This is suppose to say... not offered any help...


Have you any friends or family that could call now and again, your lucky to have such a wonderful daughter who understand's your illness. Maybe you could plan a pamper night in with some of her own friends and part of it could be they wash and style each others hair for fun ? :) Feel for you. xx


Isn't there any community help for this, I thought there was a post some months ago about it - purple-loo had similar issues, I think. It is worth looking into, you can't do this on your own!


o doonygirl, I feel for you and your daughter, can you phone ?email your GP surgery and ask if they know of people/organisation who can help you? can you ask family or friends? im sure that would help.

your daughter sounds amazing,she is the same age my son; they both have grown up watching us living with lupus.

hugs to both of you x


Donnygirl, try your local volunteer bureau? Red Cross? They provide help for 6 weeks when someone is released from hospital. Social services department at the hospital where your daughter was treated?


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