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DLA how long does it usually take to get a decision?

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I sent my forms off in the first week of December, I received a letter saying, they had received my claim and would write to me as soon as possible with a decision.

I spoke to my GP, who supported my application and he sent his bit off on 6th Jan, today I have received another letter saying they are sorry they have not given me a decision yet, and they will deal with my claim as soon as they can. They also enclosed a leaflet on how to claim a free tax disc!!!!!! I am just fed up waiting to hear from them and wondered how long it has taken other people to get a decision? Thanks for taking the time to read this :D

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Usually about 8 weeks Pollyanna but you can probably add a couple for Christmas/New Year hols and mail delays. I reckon you will hear shortly.

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Thank you Tigerlily for your response, I hope I hear soon, as its cracking me up waiting :0

I know exactly how you feel so no worries. My fingers are crossed for you :)


I claim DLA on behalf of my son who has special needs and Myself for UCTD - it all sounds pretty normal to me - they work in very slow ways - for my son (whos 14 & had it since he was 3) it took 3 months for the last award to come through!!! But the award was for 5 years which was good.

Did you use the CAB? - If so ask them to chase it - and if the outcome you eventually get doesn't feel right to you the CAB wil appeal it on your behalf too - which takes a stress away.

Be positive and good luck. Xx

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Hi Adamine, thanks for your response, it sounds like mine is normal then, I think it just seems longer when you waiting for an answer from them!! I did do the form myself, but think I covered everything, I guess we will just wait and see. I am sure they will refuse it and I will have to appeal, its just a waiting game, but will think about the CAB thanks. Have a great day :D

Thanks Tigerlily :) I will let you know :0 enjoy your weekend x


In my experience (I have a lot as my son is brain damaged) you really need to have a professional at the CAB to fill the form in. You oftem think you've done it as they want you to - but it often isn't right. The CAB will help you if it's refused.

Good Luck


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Thanks Adamine, I will get them to help me out when I have to appeal! Thanks for the info, sorry to hear about your son x

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