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Check your labs-fourth post

Got lab results. Only current abnormal result on thyroid panel is thyroglobulin antibody-result is 2.4 IU /ml (normal 0.0-0.9). TSH, thyroid peroxidase, T3, T4 all in normal range. However, T3 and T4 on lower ends of normal.

My hematologist doesn't know if this is significant. Says he can send me to endocrinologist. What should be done?

Also, vitamin D and ferritin low. B12 now high normal due to starting injections 9 months ago.

Any help appreciated. Nancy

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Go to an endocrinologist. Only they seem to know how to deal with borderline tests, and autoimmune thyroid disease. It made it big difference to me. You may have to talk them into letting you try synthroid (and they usually will only give you synthroid).

Oh, also go online and check out the reviews. I have to travel a bit to see my endo, but she is good.


If they want to refer you to an endocrinologist I would accept that, low vitamin D will not help and if your iron is low it will be hard for your Thyroid to take up any Thyroxine in the body. Do join Thyroid UK, they have a forum on here and will help you greatly. If you do have medication or they start you on any always test before you take your dose. MaryF

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I agree with Mary.



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