The most ideal medical person

The most ideal medical person

I had to step in and help somebody recently that I dearly love, they had been feeling very very off colour, appearance very lack lustre, regularly feeling sick or being sick, loss of appetite or too much appetite etc. I was delighted to take them along to the nearest appropriate medical person, where their thyroid was very carefully examined, then blood tests done to look at levels of iron, B12 and also thyroid function tests.

The care and attention to get to the bottom of things was team work, the two of us agreed that the problem was a gluten/grain intolerance, even though they had been on a scientifically balanced diet for older pussy cats. The B12 came back a bit low, the thyroid was fine, but a grain intolerance suspected, with sensitive gut.

They would be requiring regular B12 injections. I was very relieved about the thyroid examination, both physical and with blood tests, which was fine. I was also delighted that my suggestion of daily probiotics was felt to be a very good idea.

The result of the new diet, blood tests and daily probiotics is, that my cat is very much better, despite being over the age of 16 - she is now looking ten years younger. She of course does not have feline Antiphospholipid Syndrome. But my point being is that before finding excellent medical care for myself in London and locally, I might have been better taking myself off to the local vets, as they are more likely to look at such issues.

She is now back to her usual robust and youthful self. This from a place of being at death's door only 3 weeks ago.


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  • Great story Mary. Dave

  • Yes, well I did ask the vet if he could moonlight and look after me if my other doctors were off on holiday or too busy! MaryF

  • I'm glad your cat is feeling better. We always have things in common! I have two little Shih Tzus. One of them started acting rather strangely. Got very picky about her food, acted strangely around it when going to eat it as if she couldn't see it. So off to the vet lady I went where blood tests were taken and sure enough she had a B12 deficiency along with a suspected IBD. This meant putting her on an exclusive protein diet and a course of B12 injections. 6 weeks later a retest showed levels back in the normal range. My other dog was found to have end stage bone disease after we went on holiday and the sitter walked him more on pavement causing his two front claws to bleed. I thought that was strange so the vet did X-rays and sent them off to a specialist who confirmed he had got an osteo arthritis in his front elbows. If he was a labrador he would have had elbow replacements but he's too small. So they did what they could to clear up the joints and said that the next stage would be stem cell treatment. He's on gaberpentin and two weekly physiotherapy with acupuncture. The Physio is a trained human Physio whose specialised in animal care.

    When I come back I want to be a dog and pray it's to a kind person who gets decent insurance to look after me. Veterinary medicine is an example of what good care should be. Dogs do get Antiphospholipid Syndrome and in the USA where most of the research has been done on it for dogs it seems more so than in humans at times!! I bet if a dog went to a vets there with symptoms, they would not get the problems that often face human patients!

  • Agreed, and lucky dogs, having you in charge of their medical care! MaryF x

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