Lots of Problems: Resistance to Antibiotics

Hi all! I hope n Pray Y'all are HEALTHY& HAPPY! I can't say that now! Two weeks ago today I got a stye in my eye! Went to eye doc in practice who didn't know me! He says oh it's just a stye go home and put hot compresses on it! I looked at him with red in my eyes and fire in my throat,.but held my tongue! Calmly I said oh no doc ur making a big mistake here and now with me! I said this has gone into cellulitis and if u don't treat me right now I'll end up in hospital with IV antibiotics and even if u do treat me the only thing that will help me is steroids and IV Antibiotics! I've had this in my right eye b4 & almost went blind! So he said ok I'll give u antibiotics but no steroids& why are you like this!!! Ha ha ha, I laughed, Do u have about two hours, I said I have about 30 autoimmune diseases and he said come bak tomorrow to another doctor!!! WOW THATS A FIRST! At least he admitted he couldn't handle me! So now Friday morning I go to my eye doc and he confirms its cellulitis! Gives me steroid drops and steroid cream and tells me by Monday if not better ( he knows me) you'll have to c Dr. Garibaldi , another specialist of mine! So I go in Monday and he does emergency surgery in his office! Want to put me on Doxycycline but can't due to coomadin! Two days later I go bak and he has to call my hemotologist cuz he's takes me off coomadin and call him, but he's off for Jewish holiday , he's Irish, but off for holiday! So I call twice next day and he never calls bak, very unusual for him! Then I call today and he refused to speak to me saying he's gota speak to my eye doc first! Well if u know me, if he didn't get on the phone after what I said to that poo secretary I'd be over there in a New York minute with my flaming red hair and make him speak to me! Well he came to phone and said I cant talk to u till I speak to ur doc! I said oh yes u can and u will hear me out! Eye doc tuk me off coomadin to put me on Doxycycline do u want me to take lovenox/enexoparin? Well he stepped back a few feet and said he was putting me on shots forever! Got a little testy with me cuz I proved him wrong & did what he was supposed to do in first place!!! Well I shiver gone to hospital today cuz they said I have MRSA! A blood borne infection u get from hospitals and nursing homes that is resistant to antibiotics! So I chose to see eye doc again and probably have more surgery! I have no one to take me I drive with one eye and have surgery and drive bak myself!!! I have always fought my own battles and lately choose who to battle! I'm so sick of fighting cuz believe it or not , I'm a peacemaker, but if I don't fight, I'd be dead long ago! I'm scheduled for knee surgery on October 27, & if I do have MRSA THEYLL never operate! Plus I'm scheduled for throat surgery cuz I grew another lump on the other vocal cord! So I'm praying this goes away soon! Why does a stye cause this? Is it due to having autoimmune diseases! Why am I so troublesome and disliked by the medical profession! I trust only 2 docs! My heart doc and the doc who saved my life by amputating my leg! Now I've been with this hemotologist for almost 15?years due to another thick blood disease and think he can't handle me and maybe time for a new doctor!!! I may go back to NYC TO the Awesome Caroline Cromwell! It's not hard to get to her two trains and about $20 plus her cost!!! Any suggestions I'm at whits end here and so sick of being sick! I just want my life back! Trapping around the states going to my favorite concerts! On October 15 th, I'm going on a 3 hour ride to Massachusetts, that's what we here in USA call New England! Just love it there! We will come back same day cuz it's an early concert!!! Happy Days are Ahead! GODSPEED!!! Much Love!!!

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  • Oh my! I hope your ventilation has you feeling a wee bit better! I think you did a great job saying and doing what you needed to do. Sounds like you NEED to go back to NY. Can you do an uber ride? I'm not sure exactly how uber works but could it be an option...just sayin🤔

  • Thx for ur response! It's great to hear from you! How's it going for you! It's not so bad by train! Uber is all crooks in NYC lol... wen they first started they were not sure about now? Lol...

  • So far so good. thx for asking. Definitely go back to her if you feel better to see her? Good Health to come!

  • By the way I'm on lovenox shots and am happy for that! I'm much more comfortable with shots! Lol and I so remember Notso Fabs post on how to give a needle! I knew how cuz I've had to do it so many other things, but wat a great post!

  • Yeah, sounds to me that trips to NYC are in your future. A local, healthy (no autoimmune diseases) friend was recently hospitalized with an " unknown " bacteria after months of complaining of symptoms. Months!

  • I hope you feel better soon. MaryF

  • You really know how to handle all the Specialists of different parts of your body! That is great done!

    if Lovenox will do the job with the APS and clots etc you can eat what you like also take the Doxycycline without INR-trouble. Operation when you are better.

    You know a lot these days.

    I wonder what concerts you are going to. Any known musicians? I would love to come also.

    Good Luck and GODSPEED!


  • Thx all for ur responses! I love music, all kinds of music! From Opera to Good old rock n Roll! I see many famous musicians here in USA and love every minute of it! I'd also love for u to come Kerstin! If any one of u decide to come to USA, be sure you have a place with me! I have 2 extra bedrooms and I'd give u a grand time in NYC! I know NYC pretty well by car, but the public transportation I learn every time I go! My eye is a bit better today! I go to my hemotologist tomorrow at 9:30 to discus my up coming surgeries! I need him now to clear me for my next 2 surgeries so I'll be very nice and patient with him and hold my tongue! I need the knee surgery badly so it will be strong for my prosthetic leg! Plus on November 10th my 2 nodules/spots in vocal cords! I'm glad to be going to HSS/ Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC FOR MY KNEE! My throat doc is with Mount Saini, also in NYC! My sister and her husband will come with me for the knee and I'm very great for that! Thank you Mary, Gina, Wittyjct, & Kerstin for ur great advice! Much love and please stay healthy!!! Godspeed!!!

  • Wish someone would keep me on lovenox but they won't because they are afraid it may damage my liver,

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