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Positive thoughts and good wishes, lots of luck to Jet!!!!! :-) :-)

Hi all

I'm sure I speak for everyone in sending all the best, lots of luck and positive thoughts across the Atlantic to our Jet over in the USA.

Jet goes into theatre to have surgery on his hip joint tomorrow.

I know he's a big tough guy n all that!! But I'm sure our thoughts, good wishes, prayers etc will not hurt.

Thinking of you Uncle Benny!!

Take care, big but gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxxx :-) :-) :-)

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Yes, thanks for letting us know, and the best of luck to you. Mary F x


You won't need our luck Jet as you will be fine...stay positive and feel the support coming from across the pond.

Keep us informed of your progress. Hugs Lynn x :-)


Good luck Jet!!! I will be waiting for the call telling me you are up and harassing the pretty nurses!!!


Your in my thoughts! Best wishes, take care..



Thanks to all my witches in the midlands ;-) also all my fellow sludge bloods thru out the world. maybe out of contact for awhile, at least till im back home. not quite sure just how long , i guess it depends on which - doc you talk to if you know what mean. thanks again to you all -----------------------jet:-) ----;-)


Will be thinking of you, lots of love and good thoughts from Jane in South Africa.


Will be thinking of you today, Jet...good luck. Larraine x


Good luck to you - you don't need it though...

Take Care



Good luck jet, keeping you in my thoughts warm wishes xxxx


well guys -its 5:00 and time to rock, start my trip to dartmouth- thanks to for the support------------------------ jet ,uncle Benny-- ZZ God love my witches ;-) :-)----------------------------------------------------------JET


Good luck - :) xx


Hugs to you Jet, thinking of you & sending you good wishes for your speedy recovery too.

We will all be with you through this & looking forward to hear when you are back with us safe & sound.

I'll be watching over you bud xx


I have just been emailed to say he's just come out of surgery, all is well, update on how he is later :) I'm soooo relieved he's ok.

Cant wait to hear from you buddy :) :)



Is great news, what a relief!! As Suzi says more later!

Take care all love n gentle hugs xxxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


Please the surgery went well Jet.

thinking of you x Sludgeblood Susie


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