Scared need oral surgery

Ok I have issues with my mouth( got a big mouth LOL...) I need at least 10 teeth pulled! I'm scared to death! The last time I had a wisdom tooth pulled my jaw broke on a Holiday weekend in New York!!! Don't ever get sick on Christmas, I lost my leg due to bad treatment!!! I got such bad treatment I neede 6 operations and a year from hell to fix my face! Went to NYC after 17 docs refused to take my case! now I'm on COOMADIN/Warfarin! What does it mean to bridge! Do the docs take you off blood thinners! Can you stay on LOVENOX! I'm frightened and scared to death for anyone to go near my mouth! This has to b done pretty fast cuz of the pain I'm experiencing! My jaw hurts where it was broke and they said they'd do them all at once!!! I guess I'll speak to my Hemotologist and he'll no war to do right! Plus I have to get a personal loan from the bank to get this done it will b at least $5000!

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  • Hi Debb,

    You must be sure it is your teeth that hurts and not something else. Remember we have APS .......Several years ago i had pain and i thought it was my tooth but they did not find anyting wrong. I think it was microembolies or tiny clots I had. Before I was on Aspirin and Warfarin.

    Are you still on Warfarin or have you changed to Plaquenil?

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • No still trying to STABELIZE on Warfarin! Going to talk to Oral surgeon and Hemotologist on Wednesday! No my teeth are all pretty loose and bone is not holding them! Waiting for my test results for Sojerns! My wisdom tooth years ago was growing upside down into my jaw! They said in the hospital they didn't break my jaw at time of extraction, but had complications that were not addressed properly! I had to have bone taken from my hip and put into my jaw! I had 6 operations to fix it! My gums and teeth hurt doc says no infection, but I feel like my bone is getting infected! I must get this done soone cuz of the pain I'm feeling! I have to find out Monday if I'm covered for any of it thru my insurance?

  • Broke your jaw while having a wisdom tooth extracted? how could that happen? Well I could certainly see why you're nervous and distrustful. I have had tooth extractions and have bridge from warfarin to Lovenox and back to warfarin without any complications. Given the issues you had last time I would question your hematologist about which oral surgeon you use. And as a fellow yank, I also know you may have problems finding a surgeon who except private pay. Good luck.

  • I had a wisdom tooth that was growing upside down into my jaw and when extracted in hospital it wasn't broken! The complications of dry socket and some other stuff was not properly addressed by my oral surgeon at the time! My jaw broke on Labor Day weekend and was sent away with a broken jaw! I finally got surgery and resection ing, and wired shud with metal for 3 months! During that 3 months my jaw went into spasms a few times and rebroke! No doc n knew what to do till I went to a Maxilofacial Surgeon in NYC! I had bone taken from my hip and placed in my jaw! I was lucky to find this surgeon and able to look as close to normal as possible! I'm getting headaches everyday now for months! Wake up like that plus my BP was up last time I saw Hemotologist, but we had so many other things Y to address we never got to my BP! So I will see how it goes this Wednesday! Thx for all your replies!!!

  • Bridging i went threw was --they tapered down my warfarin and i went on lovnox-- then off everything for a couple of days then the lovnox again and then slowly went back to my warfain. my INR was 1.0 for all 3 of my serveries so i could clot they kept a close eye on me thru the whole process each time . because you need to clot to heal .

  • Yes never thought about that! U do need to clot to heal!!! Thanks for your response! It's put me in the picture a bit more than I was!!!

  • I guess if I'm not covered thru insurance I'll have to wait till I get sick or infected b4 I can do anything! I pay $600 a month for health insurance and hope I will be able to be covered somehow b4 it gets worse! It just is uncomphy and painful to have these loose teeth especially the ones in bottom front! I shall work on it! My mouth gets very dry at nite and I drink water throughout the night in my sleep! I drink 2 16oz bottles of water throughout the night! DK why I'm so dry and thirsty, but my lips even hurt from the dryness! The skin actually comes off my lips! So very dry! If it's Sojerns is there a treatment for it??? Thx again fo your replays! They mean a lot!

  • Hi Debb,

    For Sjögrens you can get eye-drops for dry eyes and tablets for dry mouth. I think I have heard someone use Plaquenil or Hydrocloroquine. Do not take it for granted!

    I remember you told us that dr Erkan wanted you to try, was it Plaquenil ........?


  • Yes I'll talk to my doc on Wednesday! I did test positive for Sojerns! I'm just disgusted Kerstin! I'm glad I did this cause no doctor even suggested it! My eye doc says I need a Rheumotologist which I have, but may need to find a local one! The cost is high for me to go into NYC!

  • Hi Debb,

    I am so sorry you can not stay with the Specialist Dr Erkan now when you have found a Doctor who understands both APS and Sjögrens.


  • I may have to go back to him once more, but must get better first to make the trip into NYC! I'm in such pain now today! Can't seem to move well at all! Thx Kerstin

  • Sorry you feel so bad today!

    We have learnt here that with the right Specialist of APS also follows the right treatment which is so important to get.

    I wish I could help you.


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