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Dietitian today

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I have had Ibs for many years, my diet is really bad. I am also vegetarian.

I have been taking individual supplements, the dietitian today said, I have been taking a high dosage of each and she recommended an A to Z multivitamin and mineral.

She said my guidance is

Vit d. = 15 mg

B12. = 1.5 mg

Iron. = 8. 7 mg

Zinc. = 7mg.

I have looked at the multi vits but the amounts are lower.

Also I have very little calcium and she had suggested soya milk and yoghurt fortified with

Calcium , B12, and iodine, I cannot find any.

Can anyone help please.

Many thanks


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Hi Junie2,

Here are some Vegetarian meals that the other members had posted. Please have a look at them for some meals and/or snack ideas. I hope this helps. :-)

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Junie2 in reply to Activity2004

Hi Activity 2004

Thanks so much

I can’t eat most fruit and veg, and pulses make me worse, it is so difficult.

Will look at the link you sent

Thanks again


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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Junie2

You're welcome! If you have any other questions, please let us all know anytime! We're very happy to help with anything. :-)

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Junie2 in reply to Activity2004

Thank you

Yes, it doesn't hurt to supplement, but it would be better to not overdo the supplements as some can be a bit iffy if you take too much.

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Junie2 in reply to Midori

Thank you

You can add sesame seeds to a meal to add calcium to your diet.

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Junie2 in reply to Jalk

Hi Jalk

Oh thanks so much, I will get some.

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Welcome to HE :)

It's tough to eat a satisfying diet when so many foods set you off, but I think it's important to see how you might achieve close to your GDAs through foods. You might find the Chronometer app helpful for recording foods at first, just until you work out what foods work for you. It lists the micronutrient information for your food (e.g. iron, magnesium) and saves you from having to look everything up.

I wonder whether you might find it easier to look at an effervescent multivitamin (the kind that dissolves in water) and to only use half or 3/4 of the tablet to reach nearer the amount you need?

It would be a little low on vitamin D and B12, but you could top this up with additional supplements as necessary. My understanding is that you can't overdose on B12, and it has a long residual period in the body, so if you topped up with an extra dose of B12 once a week, that might get you to your necessary dose?

Similarly for vitamin D. The multivitamin I'm looking at contains 5mcg, you could get a 1000 IU (which I think is a 25mcg dose) spray and top up to the desired level by taking a dose every other day.

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Junie2 in reply to Cooper27

Hi Cooper27

I was on individual supplements, but the dietitian wants me to try a multivitamin.

A few months ago I tried an effervescent calcium supplement, I was getting very bad tummy cramps, then someone here said effervescent, is not good for people with IBS. So I don’t take anything effervescent.

I will look up the app, thanks so much

Have a nice easter


Hi Junie2 - I use Alpro no sugars Soya Milk chilled which has B12, vitamin D and calcium, but it doesn't include iodine. (They do a long life version as well but I prefer the one in the chilled cabinet.)If you are in the UK then possibly Marks and Spencers own brand soya milk includes iodine, (but I haven't been able to get onto their site to check the ingredients), but I've never tried it so can't comment on the taste.

The vegan society do their own multivitamin which contains B12, D, and Iodine. It may be worth taking one every couple of days and maybe finding another multivitamin with some of the other ingredients to take on the other days.

Personally I take a separate vitamin D and B12 supplement each day and then take a multi vitamin every 3 or 4 days. The multi vitamin I've got at the moment (Nutra vita Multivitamins & minerals ), has higher levels of iron and zinc then your dietician has recommended but is lower on B12 and Vitamin D.

Hope you find something that helps.

Hi Junie,

That's tough ask to get all of that in a good multivitamin, especially the calcium. Most well absorbed forms of calcium take up most of a capsule so you would be better of taking this separately or better still purely focusing on foods - Tahini and chickpeas are great vegan sources! Unfortunately the fortified foods aren't great, they use calcium carbonate which means you will only absorb a very small amount of the listed quantity.

If you want to get a calcium supplement look for one without additives in the form of calcium citrate - it's much more gentle on the tummy. I think a company called G&G do one.

You have to pay a little extra for a good quality multivitamin, usually the price is a direct reflection of the quality of ingredients inside. I recommend the following multivitamin:

The Ethical Multivitamin

Good luck :-)

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Junie2 in reply to NutritionUK

Thanks so much,I will be emailing my dietitian, I am not going to take a multivitamin, I will stay on the individual ones I have been taking for years.

My diet is very very limited , any milk makes me nauseous, chickpeas lentils, make my Ibs so much worse, as does most fruit and veg,

So it is worrying I am not getting the nutrients I need.

I spoke to a pharmacist today, he said I should get an allergy / intolerance full profile. Don’t think the nhs does this, so will have to see how much it costs.

Thanks again for all your help


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