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Crohns and weight gain



I am new on here and would be interested in anyone hacking the same problems as me.

I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease in 2000 and weighted 10.7 stone.i am 5ft 2. I have since developed Enteropathic Arthritis and have trouble walking some days let alone exercise.

I can’t tolerate eating fruit, veg, beans, pulses, grain, fibre (only in very small amounts), anything with skins. I have found it so hard to lose weight. I am now 22.6 stone and feel disgusting.

Does anyone have any tips please?

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Low carb works for most people. Nothing with added sugar, eg cakes, biscuits, desserts, confectionery (things like ice cream and chocolate contain emulsifiers which are like detergent and will make Crohn' worse) or fruit juice. No bread and no white rice. Limit Brown rice and potatoes.

Carbs raise blood sugar (glucose) what your body can't burn up gets stored as glycogen in your muscles and liver. When those stores are full the liver turns it into fat through 'de novo lipogenesis'. High blood sugar results in high insulin which results in chronic inflammation and arthritis.

Alisonf1969 in reply to Eryl

I can tolerate white rice but not brown or whole grain.

Thank you for your reply


Hello Alisonf1969 firstly welcome to the community and please don't beat yourself up as that won't achieve anything. Heres a link about maintaining a steady weight with crowns disease please see:

A lot of people with Crohn's benefit from a gluten free diet and I'm a coeliac and a foodie so we have lots of gluten free recipes on here.

It took so long for me to be diagnosed as a coeliac my immune system attacked my colon and I have microscopic colitis which I keep in control with my diet and I avoid all alcohol and astringents.

And here's a link about exercise for those with arthritis:

I wish you well and take things one meal and one day at a time and we will help you all that we can.

Jerry. 😊

Alisonf1969 in reply to Jerry

Thank you so much for your reply. I will check out the links as they will be useful


Crohns Disease is rotten. A relative of mine had it, and it was not nice.

I would strongly urge you to discuss this question with your dietitian, preferably one who specialises in your condition. Ask your GP or consultant.

None of us here is a professional. Even if we were qualified and working in that area providing advice on this forum would be outside our boundaries. That means that none of the dietary advice given here can be taken seriously.

Is there a specialist group for people with Crohns where people can share experiences and perhaps share professional advice they've been given?

Good luck.

Alisonf1969 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your reply. I am in numerous groups on Facebook for people with Crohns but it varies so much, person to person, nobody really like to say anything about dieting.

I see a dietician but unfortunately they are just a general dietician who keeps mentioning eating fruit and veg despite me telling them I can’t tolerate it xx

Hidden in reply to Alisonf1969

That's very unsatisfactory. I wonder if you contacted the Crohns Disease society (I presume there is one) would they have information about specialist dietitians.

In the meantime, perhaps if you listed the foods you know you can tolerate, you and your current dietitian might work something out.

Good luck anyway. It's not easy.


Hi Alisonf1969

Just wanted to welcome you to the community, and hope you enjoy participating here.

Zest :-)

Alisonf1969 in reply to Zest

Thank you x


Hi and welcome to the Healthy Eating group. 😀👍🌈

Have you checked out the Crohn’s Disease group also on HU?

I haven’t but I will. Thank you xx

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Alisonf1969

You're welcome! :-)

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