Crohn's and probiotics

Hi everyone, I don't know if anyone has any knowledge of Crohn's and diet. I understand probiotics are good for Crohn's. I tried the drinks but they didn't agree with me!! I felt better in myself but they upset my stomach so had to stop having them. So thinking about having them in tablet form!! Can anyone recommend which would be best as like with most things there's a few to choose from, thanks


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5 Replies

  • I take the Walmart brand probiotics in capsules. Pharmacist said they are the same as pricey name brand.

  • Ok thankyou, I'm in the uk do not sure what they would be.

  • Hi there. Probiotics are wonderful and really help a lot of digestive issues. It's worth getting a decent one like Optibac from a health food shop (independent ones are much better than big chains). The amount of probiotics in those drinks is very low and often not good quality plus they often have sugar in! Terrible for digestive problems. Hope that helps X

  • Ahh right thankyou for that il get some thankyou. Do you reckon holland and Barrett then? I don't know of any other shops 👍

  • They will sell probiotics but their quality isn't as good generally. You coukd look online to see if there any independent health food shops near you. Hope you get sorted xx

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