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♥ Flavoring your Olive Oils ♥

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I used to live with a room mate who made the most amazing pasta dishes, and I one day inquired about the way she made pasta and she told me the secret was not in the pasta, but in the olive oil that she used. She had all these amazing little bottles filled with olive oil and all these little sprigs of herbs in them (like the photo on this post) and each was different, and she did this as a hobby. Has anyone in here ever tried this, and did you find success with it? I saw that it's somewhat of an art. I was wondering from anyone here if you have any recipes to share, and directions?

I've never done this before but I really want to!

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I have seen these oils for sale in posh shops, always thought about doing it myself but never have, I think might have a go now

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One thing that I read is that before you add the herbs you need to wash them, but then you can't add them until they are 100% completely dry, and one website recommended that we dry them over night, for at least 24 hours. Apparently adding wet sprigs of herbs makes olive oil go cloudy and can introduce bacteria to the oil.

I'm still hoping to learn more before I try. I guess I should research it online, but was hoping someone who has done this before will explain it a bit.

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I've made them before, and it's really easy! They make great, inexpensive gifts too :) You do have to be really careful, as there are risks with using fresh herbs (botulism), but it's less risky if you use dried herbs.

I haven't made any for a few years because I don't have space to store them. Will probably do it again when I have a bigger home :)

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I just used guides online, didn't kill anyone, so I think you'll be fine!

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Thank you so much!

Hey these look amazing and I'm going to make some so thanks for this as its a great way of adding extra flavour. 😊

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Awesome! Let me know how yours go! I want to see if I can find some good recipes for flavoring oils. One of the best I ever had was rosemary flavored oil.. it was so amazing!

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Hi WebMistress

Someone gave me a gift once, years ago, of some flavoured oil - and it was very nice, so I think I am also tempted to look into how to do this at home, so will be taking an interest in any posts relating to this. Good luck for making yours, and looking forward to hearing how you get on.

Zest :-)

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I have made such oil. 🙋

To get the flavours infused, I exposed the oil to high temperature. I put black pepper, rosemary and chillies into olive oil.

Of course, don't cook the rosemary.

Bottled into small jars (the kind with clicks). Gave one to a friend as a Christmas present back then.

Ours I kept in the fridge after the oil cooled down.

Hope this helps.

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This is a lovely idea. Chilli oil is also a great one to make yourself. Do you know not to add garlic cloves to infused oil?


Ali 🙂🌱

I made a few bottles of olive oil with fresh rosemary and coriander seeds..am sure that was 45 years ago...back then it was salad everyday. thanks for the reminder, I might do some again..thanks for your post. 🙂

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If I am right, when making truffle oil the oil never actually touches the truffle!

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