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Roast cauliflower with hot chilli roast parsnips and roast potatoes.

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Hi everyone,

Here's what I made for dinner tonight its roast cauliflower quarters seasoned with celery salt black pepper ginger and brushed with a little olive oil. The parsnips I brushed with olive oil and dusted with dried hot chilli. I roasted the potatoes in the skins. I read that you want to roast cauliflower with a flat side down to conduct as much heat as possible so quarters or slices are perfect.

The potatoes are misshapes and its a huge bag for very little money the parsnips were also misshapes and incredible value.

I cooked some organic onion with organ mushrooms and some frozen sliced mixed sweet peppers which I find cuts waste. I made a gravy and had that with it.

This is gluten free and plant based and I enjoyed the cauliflower roasted like this.

It's very wet and windy here so stay safe folks.

Jerry 😊

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Kitten-whiskersVegan star

That looks lovely Jerry, I didn't know you could get celery salt - is that high in selenium?

you have those lovely looking potatos again, I really am going to have to get some of those. I also love roasted Veg and parsnips - such a winner

Its very windy, its worse for you I think going by the weather forecast

Take care


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JerryAdministrator in reply to Kitten-whiskers

Hey thanks Debs, celery salt if finely ground celery I believe it’s low in selenium and you use very little. So you’d have to eat 10Kg for a toxic amount and I use 1/4 teaspoon and there’s a few portions.

Here’s the celery salt I buy:

I love baby potatoes roasted in their skins like this.

I’m nice and cosy thanks but I wonder how burrowing animals are coping as the ground is just so wet and getting wetter. 🌧 💨

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Kitten-whiskersVegan star in reply to Jerry

Thank you Jerry, I am always looking to make sure I get enough selenium in my diet as I do not like brazil nuts or celery but celery salt sounds rather interesting.

Glad your all warm and cosy

Same here I do wonder about the animals out in such bad conditions, the poor farm animials as well.

thoses baby roasted potatos do look lovely, I am going to try some the weekend 😊

Looks totally yummy.. A great mix of my favourite veggies.

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JerryAdministrator in reply to 19sunflower

Hey thanks 19sunflower they're some of mine too. 😊

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Hi Jerry

Your meal looks really great - and I bet it was tasty. I am wondering why they put the second 'related tag' of 'hair conditions' on the bottom... interesting tag really - but maybe there was something in relation to your mention of the potatoes 'in the skins' perhaps?

Great that you found the mis-shapen veggies - they sound good value.

Zest :-)

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Zest

Hi Zest and thank you I expect it’s a bad hair day with the wind and rain LOL 😊

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ZestStar in reply to Jerry

This is true! :-)

Looks delicious,I wish I could think up some veggie dishes asI don’t like meat or the way they treat animals to get it.Have to study your picture more.

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Mia51

Hey thanks Mia51 I love nice veggies so thanks for joining us as you’re in great company for all things healthy eating on here, so hopefully you’ll find some inspiration.

Jerry 😊

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crazyfitnessPWB Guest

What a fabulous combination of ingredients Jerry and I love the spices etc that you've used. Well done on purchasing mistakes for very little money as you say a winner.

Roasting cauliflower is yummy.

What a day it's been.

Alicia 😀

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JerryAdministrator in reply to crazyfitness

Hey thanks Alicia I love miss shaped veggies even if my spell checker changes them to mishaps...

I loved the cauliflower roasted like this and roast parsnips had bite.

And boy did it rain here too.

Jerry 😀

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crazyfitnessPWB Guest in reply to Jerry

To me as long as they taste good Jerry then I don't care what shape they are even if they are mishaps ha ha. Honestly that has happened to me so many times when I've used my phone for replying. :)

Ooh I like it when they have a bit to them.

Oh yes, we've certainly had some rain. It's a horrible day here tomorrow but then it picks up and gets much colder, we are supposed to have full sun on Sunday and Monday. :)

Alicia :)

Looks delicious Jerry 😊

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Veeee

Thank you Veeee thats appreciated. 😊

That looks really tasty! I’ve lost my big pack of celery salt that I refill my jar with and for three consecutive weeks the super market shelves have been missing it! I didn’t realise how much of a staple it is in my kitchen.

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JerryAdministrator in reply to Callyv

Hey thanks Callyv you're very wise buying big bags as I've only recently started using celery salt and am using it more and more.

I shall look out for a bigger bag. 😊

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Callyv in reply to Jerry

I got mine from a market stall which sells lots of fair trade and organic loose stuff that was packed in cellophane not plastic. Problem is we don’t visit the market often as it’s a few miles away

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