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Some home made gluten free baking. 😊

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Hi everyone,

I thought I'd post a photo of some of my home made gluten free baked goodies as I made the cookies yesterday and the bread today.

The bread has quinoa flour, linseed, sesame seeds, chia seeds and pumpkin seeds.

The cookies are made with quinoa flour, plain gf flour flaked almonds and coconut sugar with cherries and currants.

The apple slice I made with 8 Bramley apples which I cut into 6. The topping is quinoa flour flaked almonds, coconut sugar, sesame seeds and olive oil.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday afternoon and if anyone wants to say what they like cooking or baking the most then please do. As I like baking best...

I cycled 35Km this morning so I'm going to sit in the garden and in the sunshine with a cup of tea and a cherry cookie...or two...😊

15 Replies
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Everything looks fantastic, Hidden! :-) I really like the pictures. I'm going to have to try these soon.

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Thanks Leah and I've seen you gluten free brownies...😊

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That's fantastic! Thank you for letting me know.

Wow Hidden - your gluten-free baking looks amazing! I would enjoy all of those - yummy! Regarding what I enjoy baking the most - I think it's fun to make Soda Bread, as it's so easy to do. I think I'd like to try doing Soda bread rolls - but I'm not sure how long to bake them for, so if you have any suggestions on that, I'd be very happy to hear them.

I also regularly bake my Fruit cakes - and enjoy doing that.

Great that you cycled 35kms today! Enjoy that much deserved cup of tea and Cherry Cookie or two. 8-)

Zest :-)

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Thank you Zest, I've seen your fruit cake and thats one of my favourites too, I bake my rolls for around 25 mins, so I'd have thought that when yours have risen and gone golden would take about the same.

It's important to sit/be in the sun for a little while for solar powered vit D, so I like relaxing in the sunshine after being busy. 😎

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Thanks Hidden - I'll hope to try doing some Soda Bread Rolls sometimes soon. :-)

Zest :-)

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Blackcat1M in reply to Zest

FRuit cake, 1kg dried mixed fruit,25fl.oz orange juice, 18oz of gf flour,

Soak fruit overnight,next day add flour and mix well.put into cake tin lined with baking parchment.

Bake for two and half hrs at 125C/250F Gas mark 1/2

Check with knitting needle if it comes out clean it's done cool for 15mins transfer to cooling rack it will keep for a month.

At Christmas I substitute 5fl oz for whisk/rum or your choice for the same amount of juice

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Zest in reply to Blackcat1M

Looks like a yummy cake, Blackcat1M

Zest :-)

Wow! You have been busy. These look amazing and healthy too. Great to incorporate all of those seeds. No wonder you had the energy and stamina to cycle 35km. I am not sure I could do that, unless it was all down hill with a strong breeze behind me!

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Thanks Ali, the trouble with cycling 35Km down hill is the journey home...there'd be a lot of huffing and puffing...

I actually started adding seeds to bread as I like them and then realised just how much nutrition they provide so was really pleased. 😊

Looks good Jerry πŸ‘

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Hey thanks avoid-sugar as I know just how good you make food look...😊

Ok, so where are the recipes? πŸ§πŸ‘πŸ”Ž They look and sound amazing!

We’ve got the lovely photos. We’ve got an idea of the ingredients. But no. No recipes. πŸ˜”β˜ΉοΈ


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Hi ShootingStars, now you've got the recipes and the shortbread recipe is in a reply 😊

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Yay! Thank you, Jerry! I can’t wait to try your recipes!🍴πŸͺ🍞🍰πŸ₯‚


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