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Home baked gluten free seeded bread with quinoa.

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Hi everyone,

After a few comments about baking gluten free bread in our current bread poll.

I'd like to encourage others as its easier to make gluten free bread using a food processor to whiz everything up compared to baking bread with by hand where you have to knead it thoroughly got get the air bubbles out as gluten is just so good for bread making.

During the pandemic and leading up to it I realised how fortuitous it was that I like baking especially gf bread as its been empowering and liberating for me.

This loaf was made with gluten free bread flour and quinoa ground up in my coffee grinder into a coarse flour, quinoa adds protein and nutrition.

Here's the recipe, 320g Gluten free bread mix 50g ground quinoa 1 table spoon olive oil 2 large eggs 75g pumpkin seeds 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 tea spoon of vitamin C (this really improves GF bread texture) To this I added the yeast mix which's 2 teaspoons of yeast in Luke warm water with 1 teaspoon of brown sugar left to wake up and go frothy then just whiz it up in a loaf tin added more pumpkin seeds and some sesame seeds to top it. Sesame seeds are a great natural source of calcium and gives extra crunch to the crusts and I really like pumpkin seeds especially the roasted ones own top. I put the mix in a large loaf tin and left to prove about 30mins before baking at 175C for 35mins.

This also shows how easy it is as I made this loaf this morning as I have to go out and know that I'll have some fresh home made bread for lunch when I return so it was worth making the effort.

Happy baking folks and don't underestimate what you can bake yourselves at home.

16 Replies

Looks so delicious Jerry. I don't need to be gluten-free as you know, but who wouldn't want to eat this?

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Hey thanks Sue thats appreciated and I'm looking forward to having some later.

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It looks really good Jerry. 🌝

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Hey thanks springcross 😊

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Your gluten free homemade bread looks really delicious and I will have to see if I can do the recipe this week with my Nephew and Niece. It sounds really wonderful, Hidden . Thank you for sharing the recipe with us.😀👍🍞

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Thanks Leah, I want to make some gluten free crumpets using the same recipe and I expect your nephew and niece would enjoying making and eating crumpets. 😊

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to

I will have to see what they say about trying to bake both this week and in two weeks. They love baking and cooking different types of ideas with us.😀👍

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Hi Hidden Your homemade bread looks fantastic. I love all the pumpkin seeds on top.

Zest :-)

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Thank you Zest roasted pumpkin seeds are lovely and crunchy too. 😊

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I purchase my quinoa sourdough bread so youre lucky to make it yourself and it turns out looking wonderful

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Thank you Imaaan your sourdough quinoa bread does sound good. 😊

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Hi Jerry,

I think that you're absolutely right- it has been a good time to explore your cooking talents by learning to bake bread!

Bread looks gorgeous! xx

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Thank you TaurusLady and you’re right it has been a good time to be more creative and a nice distraction. 😊

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Great post Jerry 🙃 your recipe sounds wonderful. We now have a bread machine with a GF setting - I might give this a try and with my new found flaxseed meal to replace eggs - it might just work

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Hey thanks Debs it should work with your flax eggs, I’ve made gf vegan bread with this recipe but with egg replacer that’s plant cellulose and that worked. 🙃

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Kitten-whiskersAdministrator in reply to

Thats great Jerry! Thank you 🙃

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