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Gluten free bread with chia seeds, linseed and quinoa,

Gluten free bread with chia seeds, linseed and quinoa,

Hi everyone here's a picture of some bread I made with ground chia seeds, ground linseed and quinoa flour with supermarket gluten free bread flour, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds.

Here's the recipe:

50g ground chia seeds

50g ground linseed

50g quinoa flour

300g gluten free White Bread Flour (I use Doves farm)

30g sesame seeds

30g pumpkin seeds

1 tea spoon sea salt.

2 tea spoons yeast.

1 tea spoon brown sugar.

400ml luke warm water

3 eggs.

1 table spoon olive oil.

I use Allinson's dried active yeast as some quick acting Yeats contain gluten.

First dissolve the sugar in 100ml boiling water add cold water to 400ml and add the yeast and leave to wake up while you put everything else in a good processor and then add to the rest of the mix and whiz up, Spread into 2 small loaf tins or a large one I made a large loaf with 2 rolls. Leave to prove for approx 30 mins I use my top oven slightly preheated then bake in the main oven for approx 30/35mins. I sprinkle some seeds on top as well.

I make all my own bread and have been experimenting with chia seeds and find them really versatile and healthy as is linseed, quinoa and sesame seeds pack a nice little calcium punch. The bread is soft and stays soft for a few days and beats what the sell in the free from aisles...

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Thanks Jerry. I make a similar loaf adding many of the ingredients you've listed. However my bread is initially just like gluten bread, but after say a day it quickly dries out and becomes crumbly. It sounds like yours doesn't and I'm wondering if its the 3 eggs? I only use 1 egg , but 2 table spoons of oil (and add a tea spoon of xanthan gum). Do you think its the 3 eggs that helps keep it soft or another ingredient?

I also add sesame seeds as they are packed with so many goodies for our bodies.


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Hi Peter, egg whites replicate gluten really we so yes 3 eggs could improve texture I tried 2 eggs and found 3 better. Another thing that I've found with gluten free bread is that adding milk or milk powder can make it go dry quickly. Also we have to be careful with xanthan gum as that absorbs a lot of moisture and too much can dry the bread out and make it crumbly. (Its hydroscopic)

I find the amount of water is important, as is mixing it for long enough so that it thickens up in the food processor. I also find that bread baked at 150C is better/softer than if baked at a higher temp so I leave mine in the oven longer if I want a crustier loaf.

I hope this helps and you're right about sesame seeds and Tahini is great for sesame seed lovers, especially on home made bread.


Thanks Jerry, that's really helpful. I usually put milk powder in as well, so I'll test a few combinations with less/no milk powder and more eggs.

I'll also try the sesame seed paste. Thanks for the tip.

Have you tried our the dough as a pizza base? My no-coeliac family love my thin crust pizzas.


Hi Peter, I reckon pizza bases would be brilliant to experiment with and you could make enough mix for 2 bases and after putting enough for one in a dish then mix a little more liquid so its more of a thick batter than a dough (which's the consistency I go for) And then compare how they rise and their texture

I found that if I made the mix too watery the loaf would rise amazingly but when I sliced it the top was hollow!

The reason milk is added is to give it protein which's why I use whole eggs, quinoa flour, chia seeds and linseed.

Tahini recipe:

75g sesame seeds

2 Table spoons olive oil

Heat a heavy pan like a skillet and put the sesame seeds in it to roast them and do this by stirring them constantly for a few minutes while they roast then remove, let them cool for a few mins and then put them in a food processor with the olive oil (it's best to add the oil gradually and if its too thick a paste add a little more) and whiz it up for a few minutes so its a coarse paste then keep it in the fridge and I like it on toast and on toast with honey...

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Jerry, approximately how long do you bake it for?

It sounds delicious. I am not gluten free but my brother in law is and I will make this for him next time he visits.



Hi alfredsmith, around 30 mins the rolls take about 25 mins but it also depends how hot your oven actually gets. And I think its you're great making this for someone else,

Jerry 😊


Looks tasty & nutritious!


Wow, that looks fantastic. :-)

Zest :-)


Hi Jerry

This 🍞 sounds lovely. Do you think I could make this in my bread machine? Also where do I buy quinoa flour? Tia. J


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