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Home made carrot and coriander with home baked gluten free bread.

Hi everyone,

Here’s what I had for dinner tonight it’s a home made soup made with a bag of fresh baby carrots a tin of coconut milk diced onion coriander black pepper celery salt ginger and yeast extract. I just light cooked the carrots and whizzed them up with the diced onion and coconut milk and then cooked in a saucepan. The bread is made with ground quinoa and gluten free bread flour and you can see the texture in the photo and I made some GF fruit bread at the same time.

I hope that you’re enjoying your bank holiday weekend. 😊

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Hi Hidden

Wow, lovely soup! Looks extremely flavourful, and great ingredients too. Yum! Your bread looks fantastic as well.

Zest :-)

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Thank you Zest simple ingredients and you make a wonderful carrot and coriander soup which’s influenced me. 😊

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The soup and bread sound and look fantastic! Do you have any leftovers for the rest of the week? :-)

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Thank you Leah, I’ve plenty of bread and one more bowl of soup left so that’s nice. 😊

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That sounds great to me! Enjoy! :-)

Looks delicious!

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Thank you TT, 😊

That looks so good my friend made me a carrot and corriander it was so nice does coconut milk have much saturated fat I know coconut does but I don't think the milk does, me and mam watch our saturated fat to keep cholesterol down she makes pastry with cold pressed rapeseed oil it's the only oil doesn't saturate at high temperatures she made a lovely pie yesterday apples from her tree and damsons from a tree in park I'll put a picture on when I can move pixie is asleep on my knee he had chicken and pork for his Sunday tea 😸

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Thank you Hidden I know that coconut milk contains HDL which’s good cholesterol. Your it’s great that your mum made an apple pie it sounds delicious and why aren’t I surprised that Pixie rules the roost, I look forward to seeing your photo. 😊

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Pixie is another version of Baby as she rules the roost as well!

That looks lovely. The soup sounds delicious I might give it a try in future months, I love carrot and coriander :)

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Thank you MTM that’s appreciate. 😊


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Thank you. 😊

Hi Jerry

That looks yummy and what great ingredients. I've been thinking of making some bread with ground quinoa, your's looks really good.

Hope you're having a good evening.

Alicia 🌈👍😊🍞

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Hey thanks Alicia, I do like using quinoa for baking.

You enjoy your evening now. 🌈👍😊

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It's a very good ingredient to use, I use it a lot as it's a good protein source.

Thank you, I'm now relaxing.🌈😊👍

We had mushroom soup and an egg sandwich for tonight's dinner as we couldn't be bothered to cook anything!

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That sounds good to me catgirl 😊

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Kitten-whiskersVegan star

I bet that was delicious Jerry, it certainly looks it 😊

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Thank you Debs, a few simple ingredients and it went down a treat. 😊

I love carrot and corriander. I will make that today. The bread looks great. I find bread difficult. I don't like gf bought bread.

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Thank you Purplerose47 Carrot and coriander and are magic combination, I quite like the Warburtons GF sourdough bread but only buy it occasionally. This is my basic bread recipe:


And I make variations using brown and white gf bread mix with ground quinoa so here’s a link to other GF bread recipes/posts on HE:


I hope that you enjoy your day now. 🌈😊

Excellent Jerry. Granni B

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Hey thanks Granni B. 😊

Hi Jerry ....so tantalising to look at your recipes - can almost smell the soup - may I ask for the bread recipes please for your readers - as you present them plus any cooking tips to help - am OK doing soup.

BTW a hint to help make a commercially rooted pot of coriander last and last - goes well with and in soup I find.

Start by using the outer/larger leaves, work inwards a bit - keep it all well watered then divide the remainder into 4/5 small "new" coriander clumps - certainly dont worry abt separating each individual strands.



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Thank you Felicity, here’s the basic recipe I use:


And here’s a list of previous posts with gluten free bread there’s variations with brown and white GF bread flour and some with seeds: The main tip is how you treat the yeast as it wants warm Luke warm water with a little sugar to wake it up and you want the right consistency. I found making GF bread rolls easiest at first, so good luck and if I can bake GF bread then so can you.


That’s a great tip about growing your own coriander as I’m going to plant some more herbs up as we know how fresh they are.

Good luck and thanks again for your kind words, I hope that you enjoy your day now. 🌈😊

Hi Jerry, Are you confirmed as Coeliac?

I have an intolerance for Oats, wheat, barley and rye which didn't show on a blood test (mainly because I had stopped eating bread, cakes, etc) Apparently it only shows in the test if you are currently eating it.

I'm not about to put myself through the bloating and pain associated just to get a diagnosis, but I have discovered that I can eat small amounts of Sourdough and Brioche, probably because of the slow rise with sourdough and the buffering effect of the butter in the Brioche. The Chorleywood Process in regular Supermarket breads has a fast rise, and I think this might be at the root of my intolerance.

Might be worth a try?

Cheers, Midori

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