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It's National Baking Week, home made gluten free seeded brown bread.

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Hi everyone,

As it's the start of National baking week and I love baking and being a coeliac I have to avoid 'normal' bread, confectionary also most GF baked items use a lot of sugar fat and additives, so it is also in my best interests.

I love bread making the most and make garlic bread herb bread chilli bread and fruit breads.

Here's a photo of my brown gluten free seeded bread with sesame and pumpkin seeds in it and sesame and golden linseeds on top. The bread has risen nicely the texture is good and with seeds added it is even more tasty and nutritious which is important to me.

If anyone would like to share photo's of their baking, then please do. 😊

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Hi Hidden

You are a Master Baker, in my opinion, and make such great bread! It always looks incredibly professional and I love the look of that loaf featured in this photo. Really tasty looking. :-)

I am excited about National Baking week, and will endeavour to do some baking, to celebrate it!

Zest :-)

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Thank you ever so much ZestπŸ‘©β€πŸ³ and as you are the Queen of cakes your contribution would be most welcome.

Jerry 😊

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Zest in reply to

Hi Hidden

You're kind to say that, I have seen many Kings and Queens of Baking here in the Healthy eating forum.

I am keen to try using some yeast to bake bread - because I've only ever tried it once before - and that was years ago. I tend to bake bread that uses buttermilk or yoghurt, rather than doing breads that are baked with yeast. I am not sure why - but I will have to give a yeasty loaf a go - do you have a basic recipe that would be foolproof to try?

Zest :-)

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Hi Zest baking with wheat is a doddle compared to GF as gluten is very elastic and traps lots of air bubbles raising.

Here is a wholemeal bread recipe, I use their GF flours and this recipe is simple as a wholemeal loaf should be:

The secret is to use Luke warm water as yeast does not like the cold or heat.

I bet you'd really like bread making as the smell is wonderful, I put mine in a slightly warm top oven to prove set the alarm and its easy.

So good luck and I'd love to see the results. 😊

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Wow, that looks like a 'work-out' with 100 presses either side - I will endeavour to do that sometime - hopefully within the week - to coincide with National Baking week. I will hope to share the photo, when I do it. I am looking forward to it, and I've printed out the recipe. Thank you!

Zest :-)

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Kitten-whiskersVegan star

Your bread looks wonderful Jerry, National baking week is fantastic - get people away from all that processed muck

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Thank you Debs and it's great baking something for ourselves. πŸ˜€

What a fantastic looking loaf of bread Jerry and I agree with Zest , you are the Master Baker. You do make some lovely bread and publish some lovely meals that you put together. Well done. :)

Thank you Alicia that's a lovely thing to say as you make some lovely and healthy things, so it is appreciated. πŸ™

Jerry 😊

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