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Where do I start?

Hey guys need some advice.

I am wanting to loose some weight I've put on but I'm struggling with ideas for low calorie meals etc to get me going and finding the energy to exercise.

I work from 4am to late afternoon and often finish work exhausted (it's a job with a lot of heavy lifting deliveries etc.)

If any one could recommend a good meal plan or exercise routine I could try to get me under way that would be great. I do like most foods but struggle with some items in the typical salad!

Look forward to your ideas! The motivation to eat cleaner is there and the want to exercise so just some guidance would help

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Hi Yatesy900

I think the NHS 12 week plan is good - so worth a look - if you see the 'NHS Choices Healthy Eating pages' (link is here), and then click on the 'Lose weight' section, you'll find the 12 week plan.

Also, regarding exercise, there are some resources here that are worth a look, and you could also consider the Couch to 5k community (in health-unlocked) if you enjoy running.

The NHS weight loss forum is also worth a look - as there are weekly weigh-ins there and other activities going on.

Good luck with all your weight loss goals!

Zest :-)

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I have found the easiest way to start a weight lose is to cut most calories you drink. I drink only water and unsweet green tea. A few exceptions occasionally.


Hello Yatesy900 Rather than repeat myself I suggest you read my reply to CA-55 on the same subject.


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